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  1. Hi Guys, I am wondering what needs to be done additionaly compared to a Rev 2.0. Installed El Capitan on rev 1.3, but can't boot. Is it that REV 1.3 can't run el capitan ? Did have problems in installation but managed. Thank you.
  2. thanks man ...thanks. will try this out.
  3. Hi guys, i am trying to install Mavericks on this ECS motherboard, sadly i can't even get pass the string in the bios. the only thing which I can set is the Sata configuration to ACHI. i can't seem to find the other settings such as 64bit etc etc. can someone guide on as the bios setting in this motherboard ? t5hank you
  4. Excellent moderator who know how to explain with proper details. More moderators like this pls. 

  5. Thanks taking the time to guide and share your experience. Ok i will look it up until i get such a reply. For now of course the serial flips up a few possible macs. Seriously i did not know of this and that io should look it up. Thanks I need to look for a serial, one which the coverage has ended. Its much clear now on as to what you are trying to explain. Can i use a serial number of a mac of mine which the coverage has certainly ended ? A c2d imac 17". the screen is dead now. Or the fact that, that mac cannot run 10.11 will give away that i am using a fake serial. Guess i could try. Ok, this means that i can't use the same build thumb drive which i created earlier. I will have to reserach further on this. Appreciate the guide. So apple has my current serial !! I hope i dnt get partially blocked. As a matter of fact, i am not logging into iCloud for now, unless i really need to. Oh dear! its sad that you had fallback to W10. I see that you have already tried that trick of using a dead Macs serial, which means my quiery above is answered! Cant say that it was your fault as you experimenting, at least you have the knowledge on how to deal with it. But addressing apple that you had a reason for running a hack... thats cool dude. Was bold of you to call in and give em your thoughts. I'm sure they would have made sure that u are not able to use that hack again. So this affects your work and looking at the last Mac Pro and what they have been delivering one after another lately, it seems that is not much of a hope on what they will do to the new MP. Oh dnt go man ! Dnt abandon the Hackintosh ... ha ha, that s quite a PASSION. Well now i know that i have to ensure a few matters before i log in with Apple ID, but what ....i still can get blocked ? oh dear. there is much to it. i dnt use the Hackintosh to back up my iPhone or iPad, i do that on a real Mac. The hackintosh is a daily driver which i thrash with browsing and other stuffs. A BIG THANK YOU DUDE. really appreciate on what you have taught me, without which, i would be still logging into my Apple iD everyday and get dumped.
  6. This is serious all right ! actually i am happy with this build, 90% of the build is fine and runs fine, i gotta to be happy that this old hardware.is able to do it. i heavily depend on icloud sync, if i dnt sign in, it wont sync. This is my main rig, though i have a real Mac. about the serial number thingy i ddnt know that it should be changed in order to evade sm issues. Thanks for the explanation, will try to understand wht u have mentioned above. guess i have to type in the pw everytime.
  7. Partially blocked ? Oh dear !!! Ddnt know Apple would do this !
  8. Thanks for replying. Ok. i ddnt know i can set it. Yes i am using my main apple iD which is used on my apple devises and yes this is the second build on the same machine. Does this mean its better for me to enter the PW overtime i log in, rather than getting blocked by Apple ? It is much harder to get my iPhone interact with non apple products...( does this occur when i enter the PW overtime or if i just set it as how u told me in the first sentence) much gracias.
  9. Hi guys, everytime i log in, i am prompted to enter my icloud password in the sys pref. Any of you have come across this ? Is there a way to handle this? I mean not having to enter the password everytime i log in. Thanks you.
  10. Salute you TpwUK. it worked. after so long,finally i get to see temps.Thank God you helped me.
  11. Thank you so much for the reply. i went to this link http://hwsensors.com/releases and installed the first one on top. I had aready before this installed HWmonitor, it was only showing the SSD reading, i thought if i installed the one in the link, it would work. guess i was wrong. then i saw these https://github.com/kozlek/HWSensors now my head tells me i am supposed to install one of these, which i don't know which one of it. Also it seems that i have to copy the codes and paste it. i have always seen people posting these codes for various reasons, but i had no idea where it should be pasted, guess i have to learn now, which is good. Will much appreciate it if you could tell me which one of the codes i whould copy and where should i paste it. in the plist ? or task command ? Much gracias.
  12. Hi, i am running el-capitan with a gigabyte gag41m. I hv tried istat and a few others, my cpu temp reading is undetectable. Is there anything which i have to enable? Thanks.
  13. ha ha…. no no, u dnt need it. i kinda knew that u omitted the 7 and just typed the rest. thanks.
  14. Much gracias for the prompt reply. I am quite a noob, so dont quite get what is being said in the link..... But the word renesas makes me happy as the windows drivers which came with the pcie card did have some rensas drivers....:)
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