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  1. GREAT WORK! You saved my day! Works superb on an Intel M460 <3 Finally!?
  2. Wow, updated N{censored}s distro from 10.9.0 to 10.9.3 which resulted in a unbootable mess. Installed your kexts (and a new amd kernel) and now i have dual monitor support and everything! GREAT WORK BRO! <3
  3. ? Oh ok, lol, thanks Currently trying it on the real hadware. I will probably have more questions later to annoy you with, hehe
  4. Hey, I'm somewhat noobish to this whole thing, though having expierience with Linux Systems, but not with Macs at all. Using an AMD Processor and a Radeon HD 7870. Managed to install the Kexts with the tool you provided and it said it succeeded and I "think" i patched the DSDT accordingly with the 7870 patch file. Then I restarted the VM (Using Virtualbox). ? However, when I look at my "Kext Wizard"-Tool (that came with N{censored}s Distro), it doesn't say that the AMD** kexts are loaded (there is a view where you can see all your loaded kexts). When I try to directly "load" (vs. installing) them through Kext Wizard, it says "AMD7000Controller.kext failed to load - (libkern/kext) dependency resolution failure". I'm a bit lost, I read somewhere I also need the AMDSupport.kext (as a depedency for the AMD7000Controller). Also Installed it, tried to load it, but the same depedency error occurs and the AMDSUpport doesn't show up under loaded kexts either. ? I think I'm having multiple Issues here, however, can something of this happen because I made a mistake with the DSDT-Patching? Or should the system "load" the kexts anyways?
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