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  1. UPDATE: Got it to work. Heres the solution: ? The problem is it didn't install the kexts, why? I don't know but I got them to work by installing them manually. ? Here are the steps: 1. Uninstalled the Utility. 2. Installed the Utility. 3. Installed the kexts using Kext Wizard 4. Rebuilt permissions and kext caches. 5. Reboot 6. System preferences --> D-Link Utility 7. Connect and done.
  2. Hi, ? I have an Acer MC605, with an intel i5, nvidia 620 and 2 internal hardrives with 1 TB each. ? It's triple booted with Win 8, OS X 10.9 and OS X 10.10 ? With 10.9, everything works perfectly. I downloaded the Mac OS drivers from Dlink's website and installed it. Works at it's finest. ? Today I download a distro of 10.10, I know some people say a distro is bad and all but it works for me with kexts for my graphics card etc... ? I tried installing the same driver I used from DLink for 10.10, but it gives me an error. It installs the DLink utility but it won't detect the actal USB wireless. I have tried to find a solution but I couldn't find it anywhere, so I decided to start my own topic. ? I was wondering if anyone has ever made an installer for 10.10 for this USB Wireless, if there's a kext for it or is there a bypass for this error. ? Cheers, Skipper.
  3. Hi, I have N{censored} Distro of OS X Mavericks and I need to delete some kexts from Extensions.mkext in order to make it boot into the installer. If it can be done by Windows it's better but if it can't and it can be done from a Mac or another hackintosh I can do it aswell but only if it can be done from 10.5. If you know how to do so tell me please. ? Thank you.
  4. I converted OSX-Mavericks.DMG(N{censored} distro) to a read/write DMG file. I mount it on my OS X Leopard install but when i open the finder and navigate to the mounted image it shows nothing.
  5. There is no extensions folder in the library only an extensions.mext file. I deleted that with a tool called WinISO but when I burn it to disk to a disc(the ISO version is the DVD version) I get BIOS read error at sector: (sector) Im going to try and edit the USB version .DMG file with 10.5. ? Also, Noway I reburned the SL DVD DMG file with disk utility and now when I press F5 I get the same problem as with iAtkos S3 V2, colors at the top of the screen and then nothing the only thing I can do is restart.
  6. How do I remove kexts from the installation? I deleted the whole extensions.mext file and I get a bios read error when i try to boot from dvd. I have N{censored} mavericks iso version on a dvd dual layer.
  7. Ok I use TransMac to delete the kexts or what do I use?
  8. ATI Radeon HD 8xxx (cant remember, cant use my PC now) Ive been told its to do with the GPU and to remove some kexts but I havent been told uow to do that because, i cant boot into installer or -s or anything, always happens the same thing. Please, give me instruxtions on how to remove these kexts. If I need OS X to do so, ive got 10.5 working.
  9. As I said N{censored} 10.9 gets stuck at apple logo. In -v after all the loading hfs files stuff, black screen. This happens in installer.
  10. Ill stop making topics and post my problems here. Right, I got SL DVD to do something else, same thing as iAtkos v2 s3, colors at the top of screen. Nerish mavericks: stuck at apple logo Nerish ML: Kernel panic: EFI not supported. iAtkos v7: No drivers working except keyboard and mouse. Downloading iAtkos ML2... Last distro I can try...
  11. Ive done some research. The amd kernel N{censored} ML comes from is supported for my CPU. Finished burning the DVD, hope it works...
  12. Try booting in modCD and using the modbin kernel. Also try using these bootflags: GraphicsEnabler=no cpus=1 busratio=20 PCIRootUID=0 -f -x -v
  13. Meh, trying to understand

  14. This may help as well as it will result in vain. I have OS X 10.5 Leopard iAtkos v7 installed on an external hard drive, if I use a USB port that is not the one I connected it during installation, I get still waiting for root device. Try reinstalling and if that doesnt work either, open your computer and plug out the hard drive and then plug it back in and reinstall.
  15. Well, dammit. My 8GB usb broke yesterday, althought I can try and fix it. As I said on my previous topic, modCD wont detect my DVD. Its not a bought one though, I downloaded it but its legit, it is shown inside of mac os x Leopard and the installer options are all from retail. My laptop can run OS X 10.6 I checked on a webpage. Can you give me some solution to the bootloader issue. Ive previously read the guide you gave me and watched 5 videos on youtube about the same thing. I know how to do everything the onky thing thats stopping me is modCD not detecting it. Please, if you dont know how to fix this give a link to a forum or a name or contact of someone who does. Also, what is Camamelon-more package and how to retrieve? P.S. Im downloading N{censored} ML see if it works... Thank you.
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