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  1. HDMI Work ??? or Black Screen ?(
  2. 250 GTS 1024 MB ? :cool:
  3. http://img813.imageshack.us/img813/93/2011072571731.png
  4. Version 1.0


    IONetworkingFamily Included kext: - Apple BCM5701 Ethernet - Apple Intel8254X Ethernet - Apple USB Ethernet - Apple USB Gig Ethernet - Apple Yukon 2 - Attansic L1e Ethernet - Intel 82566MM - Intel 82574L - nForce LAN driver (nvenet) - RealtekR1000SL - 3Com 3C940/3C940B (skge) Support x86 and x64_86 IONetworkingFamily.kext added string for RealtekR1000.kext (Standard MAC OS X Network driver) http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/9306/59563003.jpg MAC OS X 10.7.2 Gigabyte Ethernet http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/1091/2011072540250.png
  5. Version 1.0


    Test audio 5.1 http://rapidshare.com/files/334865872/AC3_Dolby_Digital_5.1_Sound_Test.avi.zip
  6. Version 1.0


    Fix bug: cabble off
  7. Version 1.0


    ================ Disclaimer (sort of): These NVinject files are for the eVGA GeForce GTS 250 models, if you have any other card, it may not work. However, any GTS 250 (eVGA, XFX, etc) should work fine. It will show up as an eVGA card in system profiler, but that will not affect the performance of your card. It's purely aesthetic. If this kernel extension doesn't work for you, or your operating system doesn't work after installing this file, do not hold me responsible. ================ Instructions: Install the appropriate NVinject.kext using OSX86Tools or UInstaller. I didn't have to do anything extra to get these to work. Just install and restart. Make sure you repair your permissions and delete Extensions.mkext just to be on the safe side. Let me know if the 512MB version doesn't work. I have a 1024MB card so I just changed the VRAM string to match the other cards, but haven't been able to test it. No reason why it shouldn't work ================ Contact: skyfluff@me.com or PM me on the InsanelyMac forums (username is Skyfluff)
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