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  1. Hey Martin, I have attached the disks image. Thanks!
  2. Yes, I won't rely on the VM method as well. But I can't just format my complete drive which includes windows recovery and other factory settings. I just want to install Sierra just like I did with Yosemite and Mavericks. I solved many of the bootloader problems but just the unmounting problem is the one I'm have no idea to deal with. I hadn't got this problem while installing either Mavericks nor Yosemite both in same dual-boot environment. At that time, one of the forum moderators - @Allan helped me a lot. It was him who helped me to fix many of my major post install problems like distorted display etc.
  3. Thanks for your reply, Martin. I have windows 8.1 pre-installed on my laptop and trying to dual-boot Mac OS. I had previously dual-booted OS X Yosemite and Windows and now trying to achieve the same config with Mac OS Sierra. Also, the drive on which I am installing OS is partitioned on the main drive only in which both Ubuntu and windows is already installed with ubuntu boot-loader been set as a 2nd and clover drive(USB Installer) as 1st.
  4. Hi I need help installing Mac OS Sierra on my laptop (Samsung NP550P5C-S05IN). I have experience installing OS X - Mavericks & Yosemite previously on this laptop and now want to install Sierra. I have followed many guides available on the web for the installation and I have created a USB using "clover" and "createinstallmedia" command and is able to boot up to the installation window and proceed with the installation. The only problem I am facing is to after the first reboot, when I boot into 'Install Mac OS' the installation displays: Mac OS can't be installed on this computer. Unable to un-mount the volume for repair. I already tried changing various clover settings and also tried various SMBIOS but to no help. Thanks!!
  5. @Allan & @delgadilloalex, looks like there was something wrong with the kexts permissions which I got fixed using the kext utility for yosemite. ? And BTW Thanks to both of you for your interest.? ?
  6. @Allan, I am using Clover Bootloader. Also before to fix the same problem in mavericks I patched my dsdt.aml but that same solution does not work with Yosemite. ? @delgadilloalex, those bootflags does not make any bring any success. ? Thanks for your replies both of you! ? ??
  7. Hello, ? I have installed OS X Yosemite using USB made through clover. After the installation I used the same process to install kexts as on Mavericks i.e. using Hackintosh Vietnam Tool. But after installing the kexts nothing works. Previously on installing OS X Mavericks I patched the DSDT to correct my scrambled display to work. But patching DSDT doesn't work with yosemite and currently I'm having scrambled display with current graphics adapter as 1024MB. ? So do Yosemite need some other way to patch DSDT and also how to install kexts on Yosemite. ? Any Help will be appreciated. Thanks!!
  8. Thanks @frisco2 for your support. I'm using clover and I made the display working fine by reading about DSDT and patching it using MaciAsl. Now I am having scramble free display with 1024Mb memory. Also now I'll be working on How to patch AppleHDA to make it detect my in-built JBL speakers. Will ask you if need any help. Thanks once again. Also Thanks @Allan for your help and time, your guide helped me alot at each and every step to make OSX worked. :)
  9. Ohh :o It ok i'll wait for your reply with the possible solution. ? And also Get Well Soon, Blessing!!
  10. @frisco2, Thanks for your help!! I extracted both the files as asked by you(in attachment) ? Hope there must be a solution to my problem. Also I'll try @Allan's link if I able to got my display working! ? Samsung550P5C-S05IN.zip
  11. @Allan, Thanks for providing me with the solution. Can you please guide me for how to do either of it. Is there any link which can explain the processes step by step. I'll try to whatever it takes to make my laptop display scramble free. ? Thanks!!
  12. HDMI input is already enabled and though HDMI only I am able to connect to external display which is alright. The only problem is that my laptop display is scrambled and external display is scramble-free. I tried applying all IntelCapriFB values from 0-11 in clover bootloader but no success or scramble problem. Hope you go it. ? Thanks!!
  13. I use Clover Bootloader to boot into the OSX. One thing more @ALLAN I found is that when I connect the laptop to the external display via HDMI then there the display is clear and scramble free. Also Intel HD 4000 is 1024MB memory. So I guess there is some problem with the laptops Samsung Display. ? Thanks!!!
  14. Problem not solved. Same distorted graphics after removing the kexts. But when i look at the Graphics/Displays in hardware system report it lists Intel HD 4000 with 1024MB of memory. But the only problem is of the scrambled graphics. ? Thanks in advance.
  15. Sharing is Caring!!!

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