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  1. I have the same card reader in my laptop. I can provide some information if you want to help solve this problem
  2. Still stuck and need to force shutdown, machine successfully hibernated though(with the 1st ver. in didn't hibernate). But when I choose the hibernated one everything goes wrong like brightness gone and wireless mouse error(can't hover, only click).
  3. ? How do you do that? I installed latest one(ver 16.03.2015), but sleep is getting worse. Before I installed the recent ver, sleep was like freezing black screen for a couple of minutes then restart itself, but if I unplug it before sleep it would sleep normally(although the consequences are not being able to plug it back and all usb port is frozen). But now sleep freezes forever and I must force shutdown from power button, and even though the adapter isn't plugged at all from boot the sleep behaviour remains and I need to press the power button again(which is bad). ? Anyone can help?
  4. Hello. I have the same device ID but with only one Codec showing which is Realtek (unknown)
  5. I need help in fixing dsdt for my ASUS X555L notebook DSDT is extracted by DPCIManager Decompiled it, and fixed some error and what remains is this unexpected PARSEOP_LOCAL0 ? Can someone help me fix the error? ? https://www.dropbox.com/s/ocm7thoixvnmkoi/DSDT.dsl?dl=0?link to dsdt.dsl https://www.dropbox.com/s/3p5fggrawjgaabw/DSDT.aml?dl=0?link to dsdt.aml Name (ASBN, Zero) Method (SBRN, 0, Serialized) { If (^^^GFX0.PRST) { Store (^^^GFX0.GCBL, ^^^GFX0.CBLV) Local0 Subtract (0x0A, Local0, Local1) If (LNotEqual (Local1, LBTN)) { Store (Local1, LBTN) } } }
  6. For the meantime I use Mavericks' kexts with inject edid, it works better than using Yosemite's kexts. Still no full qe/ci tho, just better than less. ? But AMD X3000 kext for Mavericks causing KP, then I removed it ?so only AMD5000 loaded. Maybe the reason it doesn't get full qe/ci bcs AMD X3000 isn't loaded
  7. Does GE=No works for all variants?
  8. I have this card too. Adding device-id to the kexts causes the screen goes black after apple logo.? Any other solution?
  9. I've got mine working with custom EDID and clover patched vbios and InjectEDID. Also the card ID 0x68E41002 is listed in the kexts.
  10. Please make one for yosemite!! I really want it!! Thanks
  11. ? Mine is not working full QE/CI, it's detected as HD 4000 with 1024mb, but still it's not fully QE/CI I can tell because the bar on the top is not fully transparent.? Mine is ASUS x452c with i3 3217u, any help?
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