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    vandebergz reacted to fpacheco1960 in Compatability   
    I don't recommend either either of these systems for the reasons below:?
    HP Pavilion X2 10
    I have not found anyone with a successful Hackintosh build on that HP with the Baytrail T Atom Processor, there is an Patch in the downloads section for a Atom CPU, the submitter tested it on a Atom 330 CPU, which is an older processor 2008 vs 2014, so it may or not work.
    ? ? The touchscreen is ?an unknown factor for OS X, it will not work correctly without OS X Drivers. Touch Base:?http://www.touch-base.com may have one but they're expensive > $300.00.
    All the ports are located on the keyboard and not on the Tablet side, So No USB Flash Media are available when using the tablet.
    ? ?Could not find any Kexts for the Audio:ALC5642, Ethernet:BCM43340 or the Graphics:Intel 7th generation HD graphics.
    ? ? The SSD in very slow flash memory, <100MB read and < 40MB Write, most SSD's are greater then 500mb read and write.
    It only has 2MB of Ram and is not upgradable. not enough for Mavericks.
    Linux will probally have similar issues.
    As for the Dell
    AMD CPUs require a hacked Kernel to run OS X, and are usualy difficult and very technical to install and configure. The A4 CPU like the one this uses, has integrated graphics, and may or may not run correctly.
    ? ?The Touchscreen, Audio, Ethernet, and WiFi will have the same issues as the HP, finding kexts to work
    The best way to succeed in building a Hackintosh, is to choose a system that a lot of people have had success with. You will be more likely to find guides, tutorials, and people to assist you.
    As I can tell by the systems you chose that you would like to build a Touch-Screen Laptop or Tablet/Laptop. ?I too, wanted such a system, as you can see in my signature I bought a Intel I5 Microsoft Surface Pro. ?It works great, especially for drawing, and painting apps, its fast, has a ton of users, I have tried windows 8, Ubuntu, OS X Mavericks, even Android for x86! ?All work great...
    Now you may be thinking I don't want to spend $600-$1500 on a system. But by doing a little research, I have found that refurbished Surface Pros, (w/full Warranties) can be closer to your price range.
    For example here:?http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834735025
    It does not come with the removable touch keyboard, but does come with the Stylus, and it runs Mavericks, and Yosemite. ?You could buy a inexpensive bluetooth keyboard and use that until you get the rather pricey Touch Keyboard.
    But for $399.00 it really far out shines the two systems you asked about.
    I believe it is one of the best Touch Screen Tablet/Laptop you can use for OS X
    Good luck on your search, I and many others are here to assist you in you Hackintosh builds, whichever system you choose.
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    vandebergz reacted to fpacheco1960 in Im trying install Yosemite 10.10...error... in a Lenovo g570, intel b940 Ati hd 6370.   
    If you post the specs, as I requested, we can research and offer better help.... Just because the internal WIFI may not work, there are options:
    It all depends on your hardware specs.
    Do us, and yourself a favor, and post the specs, as complete as you can, if you don't know some of the specs, just leave it blank, or say, "Don't Know"
    We are willing to help, don't give up so easily!! ?
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