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  1. wow @kyndder is back nice post , very required
  2. Version v2.5


    A Minimal and Super Fast Kext Installer and Repair Permissions for Mac OS This app is written in SwiftDescription : Drag one or several Kexts,Bundle,Plugin,PPP on the application (not a folder) Double Tap on "Drop your kext here" to select several Kexts,Bundle,Plugin,PPP on the application manually Change destination as desired (LE or SLE) Backup is created at Desktop Option to save log Choose auto-mode , when automode is not selected you have to press Install button after dragging files Use Drag-Drop or manually browse (click on drop section) files to select Note : for Mac OS 10.12 and greater sudo spctl --master-disable for EL Capitan and Sierra disable SIP or use 0x03 For Yosemite use kext-dev-mode=1 Restart is required after installation
  3. me too not with Chameleon , i remember when using Chameleon its was required to use PciRoot = 1 , but never tested on AMD? ? Deepak
  4. OSX ver ?? ?now its natively supported just you need to add Graphics Injections?
  5. Sorry @Fantomas i forgot Rules .. its been too time i haven't looked upon so forgot .. Regards? Deepak
  6. Yeah always teaches very well , i also have some unforgettable experiences? Lets Cheers ? ? ? ?for @Kynnder?
  7. whats your boot loader ?? should you tried latest revision of it ?? better to use Clover Bootloader or Use Latest Chameleon Revision?
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