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  1. mariarosaria

    Intel 3945

    Per kocinko. ? ho un acer aspire 5720G, ma non funziona, qualche idea? ? I have acer aspire 5720G but doesn't work. Any ideaa?
  2. I followed the guide that allan have recommended for kext driver (http://www.insanelym...s-for-download/) is the only one that gives me good resolutions, but if for example I open the window screen saver or if I open chess crashes and opens the "ignore, report, reopen" and I'm not able to activate "QE / CI ". I have tried other kext found in the download section for my video card (nvidia ge force 8400 gs turbo cache), but none of them gave me the correct resolutions. with regard to the audio, I installed several kext. some did not give me any device. Now the device is there, but even if I raise the volume you can not hear any sound. then I could not find any drivers for the wireless. the ones I've tried do not work. I need to boot from cd because the boot from pc does not work (I installed chameleon). can you help me? ? Thanks ? P.S. I have Lion 10.7 and my pc is on attachment P.S.2 Si accettano anche risposte in italiano ovviamente Report.htm
  3. I'm working ...? I also have big problems with English, so it is more difficult ...? ? chameleon does not work ... it does not move on the screen with the apple ...? I always start with the bootloader installation dvd.? ? any advice?? ? I installed the nvidia driver of the discussion that you've linked to me.? ? I still have problems with qe / ci? ? for the other kext I follow your guide and use vietnam tool?
  4. Hi allan. Thank you. ? I had already installed windows, I can not start it but I do not care.??I solved the boot0 error with your guide (I had seen the others, but only your work, great!)??Now I have lion but I have no kext. what is the next step??I read that for the wireless lion has problems. I wanted to install mountain lion, but I can not make a bootable memory stick and it's bigger than a dvd.??I tried to make the pen with disk utility in lion, but startup is wrong.??At this point, what do you recommend? If there are any kext for lion compatible with my pc I keep lion.??Thank you.
  5. The error does not go out, ? but if I boot windows tells me too "boot manager missing".? This does not matter for now.? ? Now if I boot lion remains stationary on the screen with the apple ...
  6. I installed chameleon 2.2? reboot and "boot0=error"
  7. Help me! I downloaded?lion?10.7 I?started the installation?with?-v During installation,?in the "customize"?there is no?kext. I install,?restart. ? Chameleon?starts?from?only?dvd?and?if?I boot windows"missing?operating?system", I?think he?damaged?the?boot manager?... ?I have problems with the kexts. (wireless, audio, graphics, and others)??I saw that there MB{censored}. is a good solution???What do you recommend?
  8. Ciao Lino 69. Sto tendando di installare lion su acer aspire 5720G. ? Nella finestra "personalizza" in fase di installazione, non mi esce nessun kext. Al riavvio mi chiede di collegare la tastiera... Devo provare con una tastiera USB? ? Puoi aiutarmi?
  9. Thank you Allan. I had already done the procedure that you have written to me, but the links are no longer active ... Try it yourself. How can I do? Thank you
  10. Thank you! Already have told me that it is compatible consoles me!? I could not download pictures from olarila. I have connected to the chat, but the links do not work. I already have the image N{censored}12495 10.8 usb. is it good? is a too recent version for my pc?? many thanks?
  11. Thank you. I have attached the report. not enough??? ? What other information could be used?
  12. Salve a tutti, sono nuova nel forum e spero che qualcuno mi possa aiutare. ? Sto provando ormai da giorni a installare una versione qualsiasi di osx sul mio pc senza successo. ? L'intenzione è quella di affiancarlo a win 7 nella seconda partizione del mio hard disk. ? Anzitutto vorrei sapere che versione mi consigliate. ? Il pc è quello in allegato (report di everest). ? Pensavo a snow leopard dato che non è molto recente. ? Distro? Retail? ? Inoltre ho formattato diverse volte con diverse distro la mia pennetta usb con transmac (ho solo pc windows), ma al boot il mio pc la ignora completamente. ? Qualcuno mi aiuta? ? Grazie di cuore Report.htm
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