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  1. ? ? ? I installed with usb, I used?OS X 10.9 Bootable Install USB PC image it is a .raw file. ? ? ? ? ? Yes I am using 460 se graphics card, I will try integrated only
  2. here is a pic of my verbose error, hopefully this will help me to get better help, I really appreciate the help I received so far. ?The pic with the number ending in o71 is the left side of the screen and the pic with the number ending in 261 is the ?right side of the screen, my camera could not capture the whole screen.?
  3. Yeah I have clover on USB and I just stated repairing permissions did not work, ?I see that this issue is not a common one as a lot of others I am a pc technician and I know that pc problems are not really hard so to say but more so trial and error or just researching the problem to find the answer this issue is not common so when trying to find a answer in google search ?a lot of solutions don't appear so thats whats causing a situation because not many people have documented on this problem, before I even posted anything on this forum the first thing I did was to research the problem and try to fix it myself so those programs that you speak of paragon tuxera NTFS-3g, I have tried fuse also but they did not work. ?The solution to the error is probably simple, just about finding out what it is, lol.
  4. ?restore all your vanilla?kext?to S/L/E ..? repair permission and rebuild cache, this solution also failed, the error not being able to mount ntfs partiotion, (NTFS-fs warning), I think there is a solution that would probably work and be easy which is to install this to a drive with nothing on it without my windows drives installed on my pc, I have a ssd drive with windows installed on it which is like 64 gb and a 500 gb formatted in two partitions with ntfs on one partition that has a lot of my window installs on it and a lot of files and the other partition is in guid which has my os x install on it, I would just take my drives out and just install mavericks and than put my drives back in once I get everything working, I think that would fix the problems only thing is I have to many files on my windows partition to just erase and get back, don't know kinda lost I'm not giving up just that I don't seem to be finding the solution, I'm sure I'll figure it out, was thinking about trying a different mavericks, there are a couple different mavericks I can try N{censored} some others, maybe some other mavericks out there work better with my configuration might be easier than finding the solution to this error.
  5. I forgot to mention that Iafter I install clover and inserted plist I got a different message in verbose mode that stated stuck at missing bluetooth controller transport!, so I tried a fix for that message which was to install a earlier ?version of MB{censored} with?DSDT-Free option, but that did not correct the problem either, it looks like what fpacheco1960 was suggesting that I do was the same as deadman told me to do which was to install clover and insert the plist but just a different way of doing it. ?I tried it his way because it seemed it would be a little less difficult then deadman's solution with the vanilla kext and stuff so I tried that first to see if it would work or not but it didn't so now I am going to try deadman's solution hope it works.
  6. installed clover and inserted the plist you uploaded still no go
  7. Where is the EFI partition on hdd have transmac on pc but can not find that directory on my mavericks partiton
  8. Didn't work I put this in my install usb and when it booted to usb it gave me an option to boot from external in UFI, I picked that I also picked to just try to boot my mavericks install and it just got stuck on boot before it started to display the -v stuff, i then put back my regular plist and it went back to normal
  9. dont understand whats wrong and why you say read the guide, the guide is on uploading files and kexts and the plist i put up is from the location you told me to look, lol, I mean the guide tells me I can send the plist compressed is there a difference from the way I posted it, is that what you mean send it to you compressed
  10. tried reinstall 2,3 times not working, tried installing this program tht helps you mount windows drives not working, I have monitor connected to dvi port on graphics card
  11. I tried all that stuff you mentioned the none works those two drivers won't install and smbios is I chosen. ?I know it must be something not to hard that I have to do being as though I have already booted in safe mode, I mean I have completed the install and stuff, I'm sure all I have to do is something simple to get the system to boot without safe mode.
  12. Ok, here is my config plist: ? ? ? ? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd"><plist version="1.0"><dict><key>Boot</key><dict><key>Arguments</key><string>-v npci=0x2000</string></dict><key>GUI</key><dict><key>Theme</key><string>iclover</string><key>Custom</key><dict><key>Entries</key><array><dict><key>Path</key><string>\EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.efi</string><key>Hidden</key><true/></dict></array></dict></dict><key>SystemParameters</key><dict><key>InjectKexts</key><true/></dict></dict></plist>?
  13. no I mean where do I get the plist from to post it?, lol
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