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  1. I have 1 external hard drive and 3 usb drives. I only get this error when one particular usb drive is plugged in prior to booting up. If I remove the usb and restart it boots just fine. What could be causing this usb drive to do this? It's not the port where it's plugged either as I've booted fine with a different usb plugged in that port so it has to be something about the usb drive itself I would assume.
  2. Getting four of 0x73657270, four 0xf490000, four 0x2020534f and four 0x5320544f errors then a block 0x0 four times as well. Running windows 7 on one hard drive and mavericks on another hard drive. What's the problem? It loaded fine earlier today and I haven't updated or changed anything.
  3. I just did my hackintosh a couple of weeks ago so I don't have much saved to my drive at all as far as documents or music etc. I've been prompted to update to Yosemite from mavericks already by the app store and want to know if I can just update it from there no problems. Or if I need to disconnect my windows hard drive first. Or do I have to update from usb and have to reinstall dsdt files and whatnot.
  4. Yes on windows and yes I am running my hackintosh on two drives one is windows and one is mavericks. I don't have two partitions on one drive..., I have dedicated hdd's for each software
  5. Thanks that worked now though it seems to have a new issue. Every time I boot it windows it comes up with autoplay box that has options to open mavericks drive and view folder contents. How can I stop this pop up
  6. Don't know about bios because it goes straight to chameleon I'll check tho n look at link provided
  7. My date and time and timezone is set correctly in both my windows 7 drive and my os x drive but when I reboot everytime they reset to a different time. How do I fix this?
  8. All of a sudden my windows 7 boot manager is missing again...what can I do to fix it? Windows is on second hard drive
  9. I think it may have been power management I changed settings and it's working fine now...I'm going to let it fall asleep a few more times and see if it is all fixed
  10. When I first did install it worked fine it was after fixing boot0 error that this started occuring
  11. In power management what could be problem?
  12. I searched for it and came up with nothing
  13. Gigabyte EX58-UD5, 3x2 gb corsair dominator ram, sapphire Radeon HD 5770, i7 920, Mavericks 10.9.5 on 1tb Seagate HDD, Windows 7 64 bit on 500 gb westen digital hard drive. Used U{censored}, MB{censored}, and chimera.
  14. After my mavericks goes to sleep and I get it back up it will not load any program I just get the beachball and have to restart the computer.
  15. Ok so is there anything I should never do that would mess up my hackintosh?
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