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  1. I already do.. that is how i can see it just reading and then rebooting.. nothing else comes up.. Would u mind help me troupleshooting over skype or a chat or something?? maybe u could join the chat on this side??
  2. Ok i have been trying to follow the guide, but i can't even get to the installer. ? I tried following the Chameleon guide, but when i try to boot usb, it read HD(0,1) and then suddently just reboots... ? if i follow the clover guide, i wont even boot.. Also some of the tools in the guides have updated sinse and is not the same.. Eksampel Vietnam tool dont make a config file, it installs something on the selected drive.. and nothing boots when i boot from the usb..? Dont know what i do wrong..?
  3. Thanks mate. I will try with the vanilla approach. Btw, i now tried to boot with the flag "Graphics Mode"="1920x1080x32" but for some reason, it changes to 1280x1024 o.O... that makes me a bit lost... Any thoughts on that?
  4. hello There xD ? I have been trying to get Mavericks on my laptop, in about 3 days now..? ? I have tried so many things.. ? My big issue is that i have optimus, and i have come to terms with that it is not going to work, and that i will have to live without my Nvidia card.. ? But then i was thinking, what about the Inten Hd 3000 chip, that should be able to work i guess, without optimus. ? So i tried some things, always getting black screen after boot (at first i wasnt even able to boot installer) ? Then finally i tried N{censored} mavericks, and i know u guys prop dont give support for it, but u might not need to.. ? It came right to the intaller with no problems (other than haning for about 5 min xD) and then after a couple of attemps i found out that i needed to backup the intel graphics kexts to make it work.. and finally i got to the desktop, i was so happy!..? ? Buut then, i noticed resolution was not native, and Graphics acceleration was not enabled (cause everything was slow and enoying xD) ? So now comes my question, what should i do? I have tried installing some kexts around, but it always makes it hang on boot.. Also tried some boot flags, and even tried changing the boot.plist file..? ? Any ideas?? or maybe someone would like to assist me live, on a skype call? that would be even greater I am NOT giving up My specs out top of my head: Intel I5 CPU Intel HD 3000 graphics Nvidia GT555m or Nvidia 555m, not sure xD but one of those! It is weird, but i have a sticker on my laptop saying it uses Cuda, but Linux can not seem to find it, but can find optimus, that is why i think i have that instead
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