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  1. Hi! ? I have dell xps m1530 laptop. ? intel t9300 cpu nvidia m8600gt 3 gb 667mhz intel 4965agn wifi ? Im try to install mavericks 10.9.5 from store, and 10.9 N{censored} distro with no luck. Im try boot flag npci, pcirootuid -x -v... Try to take out the battery, and turn off intel speed step in bios, and turn virtualization on/off. ? Im trying 3 different way. First THIS/THIS, and try to install N{censored} mavericks distro and than myhack ? The vanilla installer don't work, becouse befor install stuck with?"BootCacheControll: Unable to open: /var/db/BootCache.palylists: 2 No such file or directory" The N{censored} distro stuck befor install with?"pci configuration begin". With myhack im getting kernel panic befor install. ? So somewhy install don't want to start on my laptop.
  2. Hi, I?follow your tutorial step by step, but i don't can install mavericks on my xps 1530.?Im geting error: ?"BootCacheControll: Unable to open: /var/db/BootCache.palylists: 2 No such file or directory?i take the battery out, and disable intel speed step in bios.?Can you write me your bios settings pls?And my xps have intel 4963agn wifi card, and t9300 cpu. It is possible i need change some kexts??
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