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  1. Superwuppy

    Realtek ALC1200

    works on P45-ICH10 Asus P5Q-PRO with ML 10.8.2
  2. i have sound on headphones again thru backplate connectors but still not thru USB speakers need USB sound/audio again please help !
  3. i'm trying to get a MSI CR700 to run Osx mountain Lion only the Ralink RT3090 Wifi isn't working so if someone would be the best person ever and fix a 64 Bit for this so my project can be finished !! thanx
  4. I have a Asus P5Q-PRO motherboard
  5. this solution worked for me after months finally imessage is working again thanx guys
  6. Nope no backup And USB audio device isn't shown anymore in preference I had never installed any audio kexts befor I did the Alc888 After instal usb audio was gone and never came back
  7. hi after installing Alc888 kext for using onboard audio connectors i do not have any sound on my usb speaker-set or usb headphone after deleting it and repairing permission theres still no sound or device selectable i dont like it cause for making a music-mix i used my USB speakers and a USB headphone but there was noise in my headphones then i tried installing kexts for using the onboard connectors but that only messed up my setup so now i only can use a normal headphone and no more usb sound devices i would like to use my usb speakers in combination with a normal headphone who can help me
  8. first reset the Deut by pressing and holding the selection knob for multiple seconds after that reboot your system after reboot open Midi controller under : Launchpad>Other>midi contoller there you can try to find a solution to fix your problem you can also check Apogee's website for info on the Duet Firewire to solve the problem hope i helped a little bit
  9. hi i have a Q6600 running in bios on 3.6 Ghz but "About This Mac" says that it is an 3,6 Ghz Quad-Core intel Xeon and i don't know how to fix this cause i don't mind maybe you need to edit your SMBIOS.PLIST file
  10. Hi All Here is my workspace i use a chieftech tower with inside Asus P5Q-Pro intell Q6600 8 GB kingston dual ram 3x 320 GB HDD Club3D Ati Radeon 5770 HD 2x SyncMaster T220 2ms 20000:1 monitor
  11. after installing this i dont have sound anymore on my USB speakers and USB speaker isn't selectable in audio setup i need to use my headphones and USB speaker (deejay-ing) when removed i only got USB audio
  12. Update as soon as possible Issue isn't solved for now Only the FireWire is solved thanX for that
  13. I don't have friends at all Duet came from a friend with a music studio working only with Mac And sorry no don't have any other device with FireWire or a spare cable
  14. Finally got news from apogee They say it must be on direct FireWire port on a Mac Or have to try a new FireWire cable if that don't work I have to send it to a retailer for service ! Going to buy me a new cable And after that and issue is still there ill send it for service Allready contacted the Dutch retailer and he says to send it for service Because Mac should see it even with a FireWire pci-card But recommend me the cable option !
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