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  1. startup, freeze, repeat

    Bump! I can understand why you are at your wits end.... Ideas anyone?
  2. Need help Hackintoshing a Dell Latitude E6510

    Looks like you are half way there - it just can't find your OS volume. This is a handy link for debugging boot problems: https://www.hackintosh.computer/168/hackintosh-debug/ Let us know how you get on
  3. Funny advertisements

    Hahaha - for a Nivea commercial that was actually quite good - they are far more conservative in the UK... Basically our ads are like - you smell - spay this and you will be like trees and nature under a fountain...
  4. Fun Pictures

    Here I am doing oblig XKCD memes - do people still say that?
  5. Forum - Still Kicking?

    We took a hit in google rankings due to some IPS issues but we are making our way back up there Traffic and registrations are getting back up to the old days
  6. hi there - post some logs and give us a summary of what to disable your GT850M and we can try to help you More info is good info!
  7. Is HP OMEN-ax201nx hackintoshable

    Hi there, I see some problems with the GTX 1050 here: Anyone know has this been fixed?
  8. Ya that's what I meant to say - DOH!
  9. Hi there, Looks like your network config: Seems like you are only allowed to access the local subnet (local subnet range only: and hence you get a 404 going to https://lcdn-registration.apple.com/lcdn/register Not sure where that would be configured though... ideas anyone?
  10. Asus eeePC X101H

    Hi @jascot Not sure I can answer your question, but, cool - I didn't know you could do this on an eeePc until now The best advice I can give you is - all pen drives USB sticks whatever are not the same! Try it on a different one where you have't messed about with the partition table already. I have had a couple of occasions, using 2 sticks of the same size with the same partition tables, one is recognised in program X and not in Y and vice versa. Sounds stupid I know but worth excluding the possibility. Keep us updated
  11. Прочти мое сообщение.

  12. No puedo hacer el hackintosh

    Looks like your USB boot drive has not been created correctly - when you get the flashing cursor it means it has been trying to boot but it can not proceed. Try to create your USB boot drive again. I hope I am answering the correct question - I used google translate!
  13. CMI8738-v55-MC6 Kext.zip

    hi there @Qwels I agree with @TpwUK spread the word on other sites and you will get more feedback - Just remember to tell them to come visit us! Sometimes no news is good news... 2k downloads and no complaints? Keep up the good work
  14. donation

    Hey @fljagd - thanks for the donation! Since you have been so kind, maybe you could help us to choose a better location for the donation info? I thought people would be able to see it at the bottom of the downloads page, but now that I look again, I can see how it could be missed... Thanks again and suggestions welcome!
  15. New Ad type for Downloads

    Hi all, I hope you have noticed that we are trying to reduce the amount of ads on the site - we don't like ads either but the site has to pay for itself somehow! So, we have introduced a new video ad type which: - Will only appear when you download a file - Only once per user every 3 hours Please comment here if it is causing any issues or if you just plain hate it Of course if you don't want any ads at all you can make a donation !