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  1. Rory

    EvOsXTeam's DSDTFixer

    Removed dead image link
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    @Dmos @fantomas @Allan @HackinDoge @noname @DUBZeeD Let's get some feedback for @kyndder ! I may finally get time over turkey season
  3. Thanks to @Justanomadx we have some nice, clear and easy to follow guides on our YouTube channel OSX86Devs Create macOS installer from .app file to .dmg with Clover installer talks you through the full process, including the Clover (thanks @mackie100 !) stuff .
  4. Looks like people have stopped voting - and we have always had a clear winner... Going to stop this poll on Friday - speak now or forever forgo your logo!
  5. Thanks! But it looks like you missed a few pics there @KemalALKIN
  6. Currently 69% of you have agreed to by a t-shirt ... so here you go - click here! And yes that is totally me in that picture....
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    It is a script to be used in Linux with the following capabilities: Create a macOS installer Install Clover Bootloader to disk for UEFI and Legacy boot Download and install Basic set of kexts Install hfsprogs to access HFS and HFS+ formatted partitions Compile and Install APFS-Fuse to access APFS formatted partitions Mount APFS formatted partitions Extract and decompile ACPI Tables Make complete system dump including Full Audio Codec dump and EDID The script was made to be simple, meaning that the user doesn't need to have any advanced knowledge of Linux in order to use it... It also was made to be compatible with the most used Linux Distros so, in others words, the script will automate all needed tasks for you.. Thanks to @kyndder for all his hard work on this - check out the full post below.
  8. Rory


    Nice work @kyndder!
  9. Is catching up a bit ... and people are still voting... How long should we run the poll?
  10. Looks like: Is out in the lead so far!
  11. We changed the logo a few years ago to this for reasons unknown to me... Should we change it back to the old one?
  12. Rory

    Create Install Media Hungary and English

    You need to explain what you mean a bit more @ozzie 2003 What is the issue you have?
  13. Nice work @DUBZeeD !! 🏆🏆🏆🏆
  14. @Dmos @fantomas @Allan @HackinDoge @noname @DUBZeeD And @ anyone else I have forgotten - met Cake on the Discord channel and of course I was no help... The cake is not a lie - TheCakeOne hsa hear this one before so everyone make sure to repeat it awww @kyndder.... how could I have forgotten you...