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  1. Hardware Info:

    Motherboard : Intel D945GCPE

    Processor : Core 2 Duo E4500

    RAM : 1 Gib

    Intergrated Chipset : GMA950



    So i wanted a Hackintosh system and i did have Snow Leopard on my Spare System but as the Snow Leopard Disc started acting up i left the plan of installing the Snow Leopard instead i found out that my Hardware Supported Lion so instead of trying to get the .app from App Store i downloaded iAtkos L2 and then installed it using the USB Installer.

    The Distro Installs fine without any error and during boot it shows the Apple Logo and just gets stuck at it with the music playing in background.

    Thinking of it as a Graphical issue i used GraphicsEnabler=No and that din't help either.

    I tried using ncpi=0x2000 but that dint fix any issues.

    The Verbose output picture is Uploaded below





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