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  1. fastest

    usb 3.0 doesn`t work

    usb 3.0 doesn`t work DSDT & CONFIG INSIDE CLOVER.zip
  2. ALC269 after sleep, sound doesnt work DSDT & CONFIG INSIDE CLOVER.zip
  3. where is all this to register?
  4. Darwin https://yadi.sk/d/I9QIyVZ7fGB8i ? `im include fixes from old config and agpm working now.
  5. Did it. visible changes are not visible. What was supposed to happen? wow alc 269 dont working! ?and brightness work! Bug at start at video. VIDEO0147.mp4.zip
  6. Make a backup, I will now put.? And I will write soon.5 minute waitin`why your config SO DIFFERENT?Why in your config item lack thereof FIXES
  7. NO (What changes in the attached file) Let me check. There config and DSDTall replaced?
  8. My ioreg MacBook Pro?? alexf.zip
  9. Need Help. My dsdt inside. Display Brightnes don`t working ? Laptop i3 hd3000 alc 269 (don`t work) work whith voodoo now after sleep sound don`t working. After restart sound again working. 10.10.zip config.plist.zip dsdt.zip
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