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  1. USB 3.0 на Asus P8B75-V

    дело в том что при подключении флешки USB 2.0? в разъем материнки USB 3.0 она в ?и?теме не видит??, а при подключении к USB 2.0 флешка видна в ?и?теме. как ?делать так чо бы при подключении к USB 3.0 она была видно в ?и?теме?
  2. USB 3.0 на Asus P8B75-V

    ОС ?тоит 10.10.1 По поводу чип?ет могу предо?тавить отчет AIDA64 Report.htm.zip
  3. USB 3.0 на Asus P8B75-V

    Здрав?твуйте. Прошу помощи в решении проблемы по на?тройке работо?по?обно?ти USB 3.0 на?Asus P8B75-V. Е?ли от мен? что то еще требует?? кроме как информации о материн?кой плате то об?зательно?предо?тавлю.
  4. HDMI HD7770 sound

    there was still a question for the sound - whether it is possible to do something so that the sound and on the front side of the chassis where the headphones connected?
  5. HDMI HD7770 sound

    yes the sound now works on the motherboard and through HDMI! Thank you!?In general, as long as the system works, I found it not so long ago, and if you have any questions I will turn to you for help in solving them.
  6. HDMI HD7770 sound

    like this time it works. thank you very much. also want to ask can I contact you for further assistance in setting up mac os x? In particular wanted to ask whether all right in my DSDT file must there be something else to configure or setup required washes in config.plist? You are the only one who helped me!
  7. HDMI HD7770 sound

    well, now I will try to do everything and report the results. thanks in advance.
  8. HDMI HD7770 sound

    to the time I was the sound I was back previously installed AppleHDA and HDAEnabler they now have to remove and install what you gave me again? I understand everything correctly?
  9. HDMI HD7770 sound

    yes I installed AppleHDA you provided through Kext Utility, after removing from the Extensions folder stationed there AppleHDA and HDAEnabler which I installed earlier.
  10. HDMI HD7770 sound

    Here's a report containing the program AIDA64 hardware of my computer. Report1.htm
  11. HDMI HD7770 sound

    report to make the program AIDA64 made under Windows will be enough?
  12. HDMI HD7770 sound

    after the application of the data files for HDMI sound appeared but there were other problems - there is no sound from the sound card, also not working network card, rather it is in the system and setup can be done but do not have access to the Internet. Temporarily rename DSDT reboot the system and the network earned any sound at all but disappeared.How can I fix it all?
  13. HDMI HD7770 sound

    I understand that you need to put on the DSDT path EFI / ACPI / patched if I use the loader clover
  14. HDMI HD7770 sound

    these are the files that you requested. DSDT is made in the program AIDA 64 in Windows acpi_dsdt.bin.zip phantom iMac.zip