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  1. Hi, For some reason, my ethernet speed is rather slow on my Hackintosh compared to the ethernet speed of my MBP. ?On my Hackintosh, I only get 25 mb/s down. ?However, on my MBP I get 45 mb/s down. ?I'm using the Gigabyte Z97 D3H, which is very hard to find network drivers for. ? Thanks for all the help!
  2. This is what I would get: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/RMc4Q7 ? The total is about 723.72 British Pound.
  3. AviP

    El Capitan

    Hi, Are there any predicted compatibility issues with El Capitan? ?I was just interested to know. ?I have an i7 4790k and a GTX 760. ?The only thing I'm really worried that won't be compatible is the 760. ?A few months ago, 760s were like the best Hackintosh graphics cards around. ?Will they be compatible with El Capitan? ? Thanks for all the help!
  4. AviP

    CPU Cooler

    Hi, I was wondering if I should get a CPU cooler for my build. ?I'm currently running a 4790k with stock heatsink. ?It idles around 30-35°C. ?When I run the?yes > /dev/null & command, I got it up to the high 80s before I panicked and quit terminal. ?Are these temps around average? ?Are they good? ? Thanks.
  5. AviP

    System Monitor

    I downloaded the file with the kext, still only shows the drive temps.
  6. AviP

    System Monitor

    Just the app, should I install both?
  7. AviP

    System Monitor

    Thanks for the app, but it doesn't tell me my cpu temperature. ?Only my HDD and SSD temps. ?Is there any app that will?
  8. What is the best system monitor application? ?I've downloaded apps like Temperature Monitor and iStat Pro, but none of them will tell me the temperature of my CPU. ? Thanks for all the help!
  9. AviP

    VoodooHDA Hissing

    Please help! I haven't found a fix.
  10. AviP

    VoodooHDA Hissing

    My sound is currently working. ?However, it makes a weird hissing noise. ?When my volume is muted the hissing goes away. ?I'm using the ALC 1150. ?Also, the majority setting in my VoodooHDA control panel are greyed out. ?And when I do try to change the ones that aren't grey I don't think they're doing anything.
  11. Hi Hackers, Today I successfully built a PC and installed Yosemite onto it. ?I only have a few problems. ?My sound doesn't work, my ethernet doesn't work, and I have weird horizontal lines showing up on my screen when I try to do stuff sometimes. ?Also, whenever I try to install Cuda for my 760, it tells me that the installation has failed. ?I don't know why this is happening. ?Besides those things, I'm very happy. ?Just as a side note I'm using the Gigabyte Ga-Z97-D3H. ? Thanks for all the help!
  12. Hi, What is the best software for overclocking a Hackintosh? ?I want something that would be the OS X equivalent to Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. ? Thanks for all the help! ?
  13. Hi Hackers, What is the best graphics card to run on a Hackintosh. ?By best I mean it performs well, it is compatible without any drivers, and it isn't too pricey. ? Thanks for all the help!!
  14. Hi Hackers, I'm unsure what graphics card I should put into my build. ?I like the idea of putting an?EVGA GeForce GTX 960 SuperSC ACX 2.0+ but I think a driver is required to use this graphics card. ?Is this true? ?I'm really looking for a graphics card that will be compatible right off the bat without any drivers or anything. ?What is a good graphics card like that? ? Thanks so much for all the help ? ?
  15. Here's my build:?http://pcpartpicker.com/p/nJypRB It says that I need another PCI-E slot. ?I don't know why because this motherboard has 2 PCI-E slots therefore it should be compatible with the PCI-E needed for the wifi adapter and the graphics card. ?If someone can identify the error, it would be great if they directed me toward a compatible motherboard for this build. Thanks for the help.
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