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  1. Im using Chameleon with NPCI=0x3000 -v bootflags and amd64 kernel
  2. Hello i recently installed Yosmite Zone on my PC and i got some problems with graphic i tried looking for some kext to fix it but im beginner in hackintosh my specs AMD Athlon II x4 ?Asus GTS450 8 GB Ram 40 GB HFS HDD ?when i tried screenshot error pop up?
  3. Thanks for anwser I got my Windows installed on MBR partition . So there is no risk using Hackintosh ?
  4. Hello im new in hackintosh and sorry if i post in wrong place but i have some questions about installing mac on pc first and most inportant is it dangerous for my pc or AppleID like can i get ban on my AppleID for using Hackintosh. My second question is if i unplug my windows disk and install N{censored} Maverick on another is it still possible to run Windows without any problems.
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