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  1. Man! Ok, agree Voodoo is bad! But I am getting sound only through voodoo. Unable to do as u told. Unable to patch... Please help with more details... (I already got those files u shared) I need Instructions...! ? Update: After edit DSDT (Not sure I edited correctly or not): Untitled.tiff - Image DSDT.aml.zip - DSDT - N5110 (Mine)
  2. Thnx, but from windows I got 111D_76D1 instead of 111D_7605 ?& couldn't ?create my DSDT?@walkman8196 And solved the Voodoo Slider and ?Mute by editing its Info.plist - by luck. But balance still doesn't work. ? The Volume Slider & Mute Fix For Voodoo: VoodooHDA.kext.zip
  3. Hi, After a long search & googling I got the kext for my Audio Hardware [Click Here - To check], but Unable to Install it. Actually I am not understanding how to do that. However, I can get sound through Voodoo Method by?Hackintosh.Zone {All In One Audio Solution},?but couldn't have any control on it, (e.g Volume Down, Volume Up or Mute doesn't affect the Volume [Master Volume] & also Balancing doesn't work too!), only gets the sound. ? Another Help! I also got driver for my audio card from "Hackintosh Vietnam Tool" (Continue >?Continue >?Continue > Agree > Kexts > Sound > Patch AppleHDA > Laptop > IDT > IDT7605 > IDT7605 v2) which is for N5050 series [Laptop which have same audio card as mine - checked from Dell official website]. But It asks for "require vanilla AppleHDA.kext in S/L/E and inject audio layout 12". But couldn't do this (LayoutID=12 - no success). Later, got ?the Vanilla Apple HDA.?And after hitting (Continue > Install) getting the files "AppleHDAIDT7605.kext" & "AppleHDAIDT7605.xml", Now, I don't know where to copy this files, Specially the .xml file. Please Help! ? Thanks in Advance! ? Files: AppleHDA-2.6.1f2-IDT92HD87B1.zip All in One Audio Solution.mpkg.zip AppleHDAIDT7605.kext.zip AppleHDAIDT7605.xml ? Images (System Information): 1.tiff 2.tiff
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