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  1. Hello everyone, ? This is my very first post. I have problems with Post installation, a Graphics issues but before that I would like to give more information about what I did first. Hopefully if this issues solved, my post can serve as a starting-points for others with the same machines. I will change the subject tagline according to the current issue I'm pursuing / trying to fix. ? ? ? Current issue : Display Graphics Right now I'm stuck with default 1024 x 768 resolution, I followed the guide I mentioned on point IV. 6. above, but still no avail, my Display Preferences only got that one resolution and no other resolution choices nor scaling available. ? Before patching edid, my "ioreg -l | grep IODisplayEDID" is not showing anything but now it shows the value of my current patched EDID, so I think I'm on the right track on following the guide, just wonder where do I get it wrong. ? As additional info, playing youtube and videos using Chrome browsers is fine (though glitchy, its playable, both sounds and video), but playing normal Video files is not working, I mean its played, the sounds come out just fine, the player can play the Video just fine but no video, its like the video is hidden /blank (tried both using VLC and MPlayerX). ? If there are any more info needed, please tell me. Any little clue of information will be much appreciated. ? Best regards, apronouva LenovoEdgeE420-apronouva.zip
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