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  1. CPU- i7 870 MOBO: P55 Classified 200 GPU1: EVGA 9800GT working OOB GPU2: Dell 3500 FX recognized but not supporting acceleration 2 2TB Seagate HDDs 128GB m4 SSD with windows 64GB m4 SSD with OS X PCIe usb 3.0 card working OOB Creative SB X-fi Titanium not working, ill probably just use on board sound which should work with ACL889 16GB RAM, no issues seen there ? I actually did run each card individually, and the acceleration is not active at all on the 3500 FX. Graphics are great OOB with the 9800 GT. I was just going to see if an HDMI to DVI would allow me to get the second monitor working on the 9800GT, but now I think I'm just going to buy a 3700FX because apparently it works OOB on 10.9, and its only $30, and it outperforms my 3500FX anyways. I did have a different question though... ? My usb wifi dongle obviously doesn't work, so I was looking into other pcie options, and saw the Broadcom BCM94360CD BCM4360CD 802.11ac mini PCI-E is actually the default card from Apple, and the reviews are saying it works OOB with handoff and no kexts required. My question is if I got the PCI-E adapter for it, would I be able to run it in windows as well? Could I just?point?the driver wizard to a copy of the bootcamp drivers folder? ? I am in a leased apartment, so adding a jack isn't an option.?
  2. Believe me when I say I have tried just about everything to fix this. Injectors, NVEnabler 64, GraphicsEnabler, 32bit mode, 64 bit mode, just the 3500 FX plugged in, changing the primary card in the bios (a solution I found on another forum about dual cards where only one is supported), the Yosemite Nvidia drivers, and every which way in between. ? I installed using U{censored}, and used the easy beast option from MB{censored} and it boots fine with no hangs (had to move the power management kext but after that there's no boot issues.) Graphics enabler will actually find both cards and their deviceID's show up perfectly in the system profiler. No internet right now, and no DVDs to test with but chess works fine on both screens so I assume QE/CI is working. The monitor attached to the 9800GT works like a charm while the monitor attached to the 3500 FX is stuck at 1024x728. Even completely removing the 9800GT doesn't help matters. ? I saw another solution where the guy set the working card as the default card at bootup, and then would move the cables over to the unsupported card when he needed to boot into windows and use it. I tried that, but when it gets to the point where you would log in, both screens go into power save mode and there is nothing I can do to wake them up. ? Curiously enough, both cards show up as their names in system profiler, with each respective display under the correct card (1024x728 display under the 3500 FX) ?but under the general "About this Mac" screen, both monitors say 9800 GT under them. Each monitor is plugged into each card, and the 3500 FX is selected as the boot card. ? Removing the 3500 FX entirely is not an option as the main purpose of this computer is Solidworks, and I just decided to install OS X because my laptop is OS X and I wanted some continuity. If I can't get the card to load properly, even just at the correct resolution without QE/CI, then I will have to abandon the project, unless someone knows of a Quadro card with support that is around $150-$200. ? Also, it should be noted that I could get a read with both GraphicsEnabler and NVEnabler 64 before installing the Nvidia drivers. Nvidia drivers didn't work so I removed them and now NVEnabler 64 is getting stuck at boot, and only boots up if I remove it. GraphicsEnabler finds the cards correctly at the boot, but when I go to system profiler now, it just says Display for the 3500 FX, and even though it has the right deviceID and Revision ID, it says no kext is loaded. This is a recent development though as it was recognizing everything. ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. ? Thanks.
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