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  1. Hi i wanna know about El Capitan osx on our asus laptop I have now a maveriks versione that i m running since 2014 and all works pretty well but the speed is not good. So if i can request to someone that can make an Asus package for the new El Capitan osx im glad. If someone can make plz i think we are both people with an Asus k52jt that running hackintosh. Its a pretty well pc Specs Ati radeon 6370m 1024MB Intel core i5 480m Please i request this thank u if someone know about reply here
  2. Plz make a version for el capitan
  3. Yes ATI RADEON 6370M 1024MB
  4. Installed a version of Uosemite Zone 10.10 i can boot with ur bootflags but without ati kext ..
  5. Tried this I have put my id on these files and i ve tried many bootflags Nothing work Ideas ?
  6. Update&1 When i pass the MISSING BLUETHOOT CONTROLLER i stuck on Athr unknown locale 60
  7. my card works great in maveriks with ge yes and aticonfig/hoolock but when i have installed yosemite, wont work well. i can make gpu work ONLY when i boot with -x mode flags . Can u help me?
  8. Search the k52 asus package on this site!! All work for me
  9. ALL woriking thank u!! reviewed .. !! great man its normal cpu 80c temperature when using logic pro?
  10. Hi in my k52jt dont work why? pls help im running maveriks
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