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  1. Hello everybody, ? I realize this is not a Hackintosh related question, but I am out of options so I hope you can help me in any way. Here's the deal: ? My audiojack in my mid 2012 MacBook Pro is bust.. A jack broke off in there and I tried to fix it myself resulting in a destroyed digital-out switch.. Because of OSX' limitations the MacBook thinks there is a digital-out cable plugged in, blocking my internal speakers out. I have tried cleaning, poking with a stick and other methods to fix this issue. Even took it to a repair shop but repair cost is €1200,- (which is little less than a brand new macbook). My insurance won't cover it unfortunately. ? I don't think this is hardware only because an inferior operating system can make use of the internal speakers (windows/linux). ? I have fiddled around with the VoodooHDA.kext but it doesn't bring up the internal speaker option in the sound options..? ? Is there a way to get the speakers working again with any custom kext or whatever? ? Thanks in forward, Arajin
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