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  1. The resolution of the Samsung is 1680x1050 ?There are 120 kexts on the iMac and 101 on the Hackintosh.?I watch it all tomorrow.
  2. Samsung is single link like Apple. ? I use the integrated graphics processor of the motherboard Gigabyte GA-Z97N-WIFI (Intel HD Graphics) that supports a resolution of 1920x1200 like my Apple.?I know this link which I was inspired to change my screen (I work in electronics).Therefore I do not think it's a hardware problem.?Anyway thank you for your response.
  3. To avoid buying an "Apple DVI to ADC Display Adapter" I rewired the screen into DVI. ? It works great on:- an old mini Mac DVI- a new mini Mac on HDMI output via HDMI to DVI adapter- an iMac via mini DVI to DVI adapter.?But not on my Hackintosh.
  4. Hello, My Hackintosh (Yosemite) works very well on a Samsung screen DVI. I have an Apple Cinema Display 23-inch 2002 that functions as a second screen on an iMac. This screen does not work on Hackintosh. What are the kext files (in the iMac) that I put them in the Hackintosh using the "KB{censored}"? Thank you for your answers.
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