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  1. glad to hear it. I'm also trying to install 10.11.X El Capitan. When I succeeded, you'll get notified.
  2. ? seems that you didn't follow some of my guides, especially, post-installation and efi settings. read the manual carefully and follow it.
  3. Forum admin blocked the post because of legal problem, David. I'll fix the link in short time.
  4. then see this link :?http://forum.aorus.com/forum/gaming-laptops/381-guide-installing-os-x-in-aorus-x7-v2
  5. Hello, recently I got a linux driver which is Realtek PCIe CardReader (Dev. ID : 5227, 5229) from GIGABYTE personnel. But I don't have ability to port so I request porting. ? ? When porting finished, It will be great because many of current generation laptops use this device. Realtek_RTS5229_Linux_Driver_v1.07.zip 0001-rts_pstor.tar.bz2.zip
  6. It can work for some features(e.g. killer LAN, webcam, usb, sata...)but the most important thing is that your nvidia gtx graphics will not work. X3 has optimus graphics so it cannot work on OS X. you can use intel graphics only. And I think you have to unlock your bios and fix the switchable graphics to intel graohics only. and of course, you must extract your own dsdt file from X3. If you didn't buy X3 yet, I strongly recommend to buy a X5 or X7 series. their graphics will work on OS X.
  7. AntonyyB is the best, I think. It looks like real Apple Retail Store. Especially the lights.
  8. I used MacBook Pro 11,1 SMBios(13-inch Retina MacBook Pro 2013) but battery didn't recognize natively. So I used AppleACPIPlatform.kext for ACPI Rollback and AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext to work it. It works well, but new problem has occurred. In 'About This Mac', the mac serial shows 'Unavailiable'.
  9. Oh, Jesus. It works perfectly!!!!!!! Why I didn't know that keyboard shortcut till today?!!!! Maybe I'm a little idiot but I think keyboard backlight doesn't work automatically. Maybe ambient light sensor doesn't recognize or doesn't work on current DSDT... or doesn't have any working kext. I hit fn+space several times and it has 3 states. totally off, weak backlit, strongest backlit. not auto. OSD seems like doesn't work but that's not important. Thank you!!
  10. fn + space? I can't understand what you mean. There's no such key shortcuts like that. If you mean 'fn + f1~f12' combo, yes, it works. G, G1~G5 macro keys works well but it only can set on Windows environment, not the Mac. so I'll port MacroEngine application to OS X in the future.
  11. yeah, nothing. I'm trying to work backlit of keyboard but it still doesn't work. every application I installed was worked perfectly. I`m using the machine for 4k rendering.
  12. Hello, This is my first writing and I'm very grateful to show my hackintosh laptop. System is : i7-4860HQ 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz GTX860M (Kepler) D5 4GB SLI Killer e2200 LAN Broadcom BCM94352HMB <-- original component is a Intel 7260 Wireless+BT but I bought broadcom one and replaced it. PS/2 Elan Touchpad / PS/2 Internal Keyboard Realtek ALC282 with 2 speakers, 2 woofers Sunplus HD Webcam 128GB Lite-On mSATA SSD x2 (non-RAID) 1TB HGST 7200rpm HDD Realtek SD Card Reader Working components : CPU with Speedstep(8 to 36), RAM, Dual GPUs and video output(RGB, HDMI, Surround Port, mini-DP all of those ports work), SSD Trim, Killer LAN, Wireless LAN with AirDrop, Bluetooth with Handoff & Instant Hotspot features, PS/2 Touchpad and Internal Backlit Keyboard, Realtek ALC282(patched AppleHDA), AC Adapter, Battery status, Internal Webcam and LCD Backlight off when close the lid, controlling brightness of internal LCD Doesn't work or working in progress : Ambient Light Sensor, Realtek PCIe SD Card Reader,?G-Macro Key(left side of the internal keyboard, works but can't set macro) How to Install : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B06WXHhrz5MyNFpyLVltUTJoY3c/view?usp=sharing Install Disk Image :?https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B06WXHhrz5MyV1FQYWY4b0NJR00/view?usp=sharing Spent 18 days for installng and settings. DON'T NEED TO UNLOCK BIOS (you can use FB02 or later) ? Dual GPUs work very well and also video output, run games and any other GPU sensitive apps without major settings. When the machine runs CUDA or OpenCL supported Apps(like After Effects or Final Cut Pro X), It's far faster than GT 750m MBPR and even beats GTX780m iMac. yeah, OS X doesn't support SLI but It seems like that OpenCL and CUDA support multiple GPU processing, like trash can Mac Pro. ? Tested Apps after Install OS : Starcraft 2, The Elder Scrolls Online, Civilization : Beyond Earth, FCPX, Keynote, Aperture, Adobe Apps, Cinema 4D, and so on. ? I think Aorus X7 V2 is truly a powerhouse on-the-go and also a powerhouse beating any real MacBooks(except for resolution. lol) p.s. It's not a GIGABYTE brand laptop but made by GIGABYTE so it was a bit easy(nothing to do DSDT manual fix to work basic features). 150405 added : Graphics are fully recognized after installing latest OS X updates and NVIDIA Web Driver with boot flag 'nvda_drv=1' 150416 added : Now work with 10.10.3, I'm fixing some DSDT to work brightness control and backlit keyboard. G Macro Key is working good but If you want to set macro you only can do it on windows environment. after DSDT fix I'll try to port MacroEngine App via WineSkin. 150418 added : Working backlit keyboard. If you want use this feature, you have to on/off it manually. Ambient light sensor + backlit keyboard combo doesn't work. Actually I didn't know how to activate backlit key manually so I didn't any patch. Thank you jphsuathtc! 150629 added : Now sound is able to use with AppleHDA and speakers and woofers work simultaneously. Now SSD Trim is enable(tested with Lite-On M9M mSATA SSD). Now battery kexts doesn't change Mac serial. Thank you, Sherlocks of x86.co.kr. 150630 added : Now LCD Brightness control is enable. You can also adjust brightness with Fn Key(Fn+F3 for brightness down, Fn+F4 for up). Thank you EmlyDinesh?of osxlatitude.com about key mapping and Sherlocks.
  13. 10.10.2, i7-4860HQ and a GTX860M 4GB.
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