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  1. if I get this, I'll represent it to some one else.
  2. Didn't work on my ASRock Extreme4 z77
  3. Works great on ASRock Extreme4 z77 Thanks
  4. I've the same MOBO as yours Mine is running 10.8.2 with 32GB Ram & GTX 470 Fully works I've installed the iRiMBi Distro.
  5. No, only from apps like Logic Studio, Cubase, Digital Performer & ....
  6. I've done these but they didn't have any effect. Maybe I must not upgrade to 10.6.8 & stay at 10.6.4 or 10.6.7 ? maybe! Or finally unwillingly I must change my MOBO or switch to f..... intel.
  7. 10000 times. But no changes. :-( How did you fix your kernel? Exactly the method of submitted link or something else? What's your MOBO? Do you have a proper DSDT? Thanks.
  8. Thanks man. Yes, I'm using those flags. Moreover I used maxmem, but that doesn't have any effect. I think that it's a problem with the kernel. :-(
  9. Thanks for your only existing nice guide. Greetz :-) Everything works fine & the speed is beyond imagination: 1- 10.6.3 to 10.6.8 2- Using 16GB Ram 3- ATi XFX 6850 dual display 4- EMU 1616M But they are a few problems that I dont know how to overcome: 1 - It doesn't recognize the CPU with exact L2 & L3 level cache. 2 - applications won't run. They crashes when I run them. I'm using legacy kernel. It's a problem with kernel. any Ideas? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi. Every one. I've done everything step by step. Now I'm on 10.6.8. but none of applications works. It crashes as soon as opening. :-( I'm using legacy kernel V2 When I switch to mach_kernel , It comes up but not all of programs runs in this way. Only Itunes works:-D Any Ideas? Thanks in advance. AMD x6 1100 Elitegroup ECS 890 16G Ram Apacer VGA ATi 6950 XFX
  11. schokuhfar


    Wow. :-O another big bang. sure I'll test it ASAP. If it works, I'll worship you man. :-)
  12. Hey Pro, :-) Did you use it? if not try it. It works great & recognized GT 210 very well. http://www.kexts.com/view/1100-chameleon-2.0-rc5-r752_[pkg_installer].html Try to install it again to solve for quitting softwares unexpectedly: http://www.kexts.com/view/1062-legacy_kernel_for_os_x_10.6.7_-_darwin_10.7.0.html
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