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  1. Hello All - I came across this site and it seems very useful! So I was hoping I could get some help.? ? These are my current specs. I managed to install 10.8.5 with Mountain Lion ?using U{censored} . Now I am failing attempting to install Yosemite using U{censored}.? I will get back to how I managed to install ML in a moment.? ? My specs? ? Mobo- Asus Rog Maximus IV Gene (gen 3) z68 ? CPU- Intel i7 2600k ?SandyBridge ? GPU- ?Radeon R9 280x? ? crucial vengeance 16gb ram? ? I was able to Install 10.8.5 with no problems with these mobo settings ? Modified bios v3204? ? Advanced/CPU (c1e, c3, c6) and Execute Bisable Bit, Speedstop, Intel VT all enabled.? ? In PCH- I enabled HPET? ? SATA set to AHCI ? Memory Remap enabled? ? In System Agent Configuration/Graphics ?- Set ?Primary Display Auto , IGPU to 512M ?, Render Standby Disable and Initiate IGPU Disabled? ? USB: Legacy USB Support Enabled, Legacy 3.0 Support Disabled, and EHCI Hand Off Disabled ? Lastly JMB Storage Controller Off and Asmedia USB 3.0 Controller OFF? ? Prior to a successful installation I kept failing to I followed these recommended settings .? ? Now trying to install Yosemite I run into these problems ...? ? Method: U{censored} ?( MB{censored} not even on usb, thought I could worry about that post installation? )? ? Run into error? ? These seem to be the primary for ?-verabose mode? ? IOGraphics flag 0x43? ? Refusing new kext com.apple.driver.AppleACIPPlatform v.3.1 ? Can't load kext com.apple.driver.AppleACPIEC - link failed? ? Refusing new kext com.apple.iokit.iOUSBFamily v 720.4.4 already 9.9? ? Shutdown cause: 5? ? ? Any help would be great!!!!?
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