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  1. so i attached the U{censored} config.plist i am using plus the verbose of my boot attempt.... iAtkos Y gives me the same without the missing bluetooth....any ideas? i tried USBBusFix=Yes , -x -f, nv_disable=1.... config.plist
  2. i already have an iAtkos Y image... Shall we work on that or should i make a new flash drive following the guide you posted?
  3. Guys now that i have some time i decided to take it seriously and make it work at last. i will send you all my BIOS in photos and start from there. Also shall i try it with yosemite or el capitan... (i'm thinking of trying @Dmos proposal) Thank you in advanced... If i forgot something please tell me.... could you please raise my upload limit so i could upload the rest because i forgot to shrink the photos... ??
  4. Unfortunately not but i gave up on it early on i guess
  5. guys i also bought the iAtkos version and no luck either.... The same problem occured and they didn't help much i'd say...
  6. I tried it with no luck following this guide..... https://insanelydeepak.wordpress.com/2015/06/14/install-10-11-mac-osx-on-hackintosh-pc-vanilla-installation-method/%C2'> (for Yosemite of course)....i also tried nv_disable ,USBBusFix=Yes..... i used the basic kernel though...do you have any suggestions?
  7. also i tried all the drop tables and the fixes in clover....
  8. i have tried NV disabled with no luck.... As for the two gpus i have chosen in my BIOS only the nvidia too work... I sent you 3 pictures the first two , are with clover uefi where it stucks and then gives me the error and the other one is with chameleon.. Both from the iAtkos image...the only difference is that the non-iAtkos chameleon show me the "still waiting for root device" where as this one just stucks there (i don't think it is a PCI config begin problem because the other chameleon got past it and because i have tried npci=0x3000 and 0x2000 etc..) ...Any ideas?? :/ Thank you in advanced..
  9. Hi guys.... I have been trying for a month now to install yosemite on my pc and nothing seems to be working....my specs are : -Intel Core i7 4790 -H97 chipset -8GB RAM DDR3 -Nvidia GTX760 and my motherboard is a custom one for this pc only... I have tried the U{censored} method , the terminal method , the chameleon method,the yosemite zone method and also iAtkos Y ....Also i have tried chameleon bootloader and Clover...(UEFI and legacy)... i have also tried several bootflags such as USBBusFix=Yes , -v -x -f UseKernelCache=No etc.. and have tried all tables dropping of Clover iAtkos Y .... ALL that result in "Still waiting for root device"...I have also tried all my USB 2 and USB 3 ports and several BIOS setting (all of the ones i found in the above guides included) and the Totally still waitingfor root device kext fixes etc... Either i am doing something wrong (probably) or something goes terribly wrong with my rig... Any idea?? Thank you in advanced....
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