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  1. This information is useful, but if the mac is broken, how do you download the needed files from Apple play store?? I am certainly not going to go to the apple store.? The more I have looked around online the more I have concluded that there is a lot of help and advice but you cant find the files needed to get any real work done.? Did anyone consider just putting the ISO files up online directly or putting them in dropbox accounts for easy access?? I am sure you have, but I will have to echo what I am sure others have said and thought, that it is very difficult to find the needed files to accomplish this.? Any help is greatly appreciated. ?Download links? ? ?This one is broken.? https://www.nitroflare.com/view/5BD00A53A00F7A7/10101usb.iso So far I have a real mac dead in the water. A1224? I have also read that my HP envy makes a good mac so I would like to find the files to allow me a dual boot on my laptop.? THe Envy is a 17 touchsmart with an intel video on the chip and 16 gigs ram and 1T hard drive.? I am considering putting another drive in the computer for storage or SSD for fast dual boot. The jury is still out on that project. I am still reading and lining up the parts to add the second drive.? I also found a touch screen kit for the A1224. Anyone ever add one to a mac and use it? I think a touch would be great... especially for music editing and playing.? Also when I program telephone switches. Touch makes it so much easier.? Thanks Mr Moderator for looking this over... there is much here... and I have a real mess to straighten out.? In the last two weeks by reading I have learned more about Mac's I think than many of the garden variety users... nice system.?
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