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  1. Hi all. ? Trying to get the bluetooth part to work on El Capitan; WiFI is working without problems after editing config.plist accordingly. Bluetooth is not wven recognized in System Information. ? Anyone out there using this card? ? Thanks, Christian
  2. ? I update the config.plist (and not used the .kext files, see other thread but the machine hangs at reboot now (and then crashes and tries to reboot); there seems to be a kernel panic or something like that. Without the fakeID it worked. Any idea how to debug this? Thanks again.
  3. Hi Rene, ? I found your postings about FakeID for El Capitan and the the link to the 2 zip files. But, stupid question, what to do with the kext files? I tried to copy them to /System/Library/Extensions and then run kextutility but then the system does not boot anymore. Glad if you could give me a hint.... Thanks! ?
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