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    XCode Problems

    Hello Everyone, ? i was able to get Yosemite 10.10.5?running on the following System, with Chameleon from Enoch and a Bronya Kernel.? Amd Phenom II X6 1090T BE 8GB RAM GTX 660TI M4A89GTD PRO/USb3 ? I was building this system to an Hackintosh as i need XCode for a Project of mine and thought "Before dropping this nice PC, lets make an Hackintosh out of it and use it for the Project". But sadly i had to see that nearly nothing if what i wanted this system to use for, it working. ? 1. XCode gives an error which freezes/hangsup XCode hardly,?when i want to build my Project and after the error appears wants to click on the error to read him. 2. I cant assign Devices to my XCode. When i want to assign my ipad Mini2 to the system, he starts and shows the device, and also shows in XCode "Processing Symbol Files" but thats it 3. Emulators do not work (i already found out that this is impossible on an AMD System as the Emulators use special CPU Functions which an AMD does not support) ? Never the less, i still have hope that anyone here can help me with the first two problems If anyone knows a solution for this, i would be really happy if he would help me. ? Kind regards Tepoo
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