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  1. Thanks for letting me know.? ? I guess I will forsake 10.8.5 coz it's more trouble than it's worth n wait for Mavericks final. Will build a new Hack using parts from my 5 year old Core 2 Quad since it's more powerful and throw Mavericks on it. ? Thanks again !
  2. If you read my previous posts above yours you would have seen that the answer is NO ! I don't have the privilege of having tons of HDDs.? ? I don't care if I have to start from scratch just as long as 10.8.5 works.
  3. I need all the space buddy... My Hackintosh was for learning Final Cut Studio which is 100gb alone, then Logic Pro X with library is another 50gb... And tons more. So can't spare any space. As for error, nothing went wrong during installation. Went smoothly. Both times. As soon as I reboot it just sits there on Apple logo xD Weird. Maybe I should try the non Combo update? Since the 10.8.4 update I used n worked was not the Combo. Am confused xD
  4. I was on 10.8.4 fully functional. But now I wiped it all to start from scratch. My myHack made bootable USB has 10.8.3 on it. It installs fine, and I can update to 10.8.4 but not to 10.8.5 which breaks it. ? And how do I make a backup ? I only got this 500gb HDD in the machine and another 160gb with Windows 8.1 Licensed on it. I disconnect one HDD everytime I want to run eother 8,1 or OSX. I do not have a spare HDD to make Time machine backups on sorry. ? Anyway how do I get it to work then ?
  5. Hey guys... ? I updated my Hackintosh to 10.8.5 this morning using Combo update. But it wouldn't boot. So I decided to start from scratch, using the MyHack method. But as soon as I install the update it no longer boots just as before. Hack is clean nothing installed yet apart from the Extras folder that MyHack sets up during install. ? Error below. ? ? I can start from scratch again, but I just need to know what to do so get ?it to work.? ? Please help !!!!
  6. If I wasn't experienced I wouldn't have had a fully working ML... Only thing is I have never installed a new OSX over an older one on a Hackintosh before. But you might be right. It's not worth loosing ML for Beta OSX. VMware will have to do for now. Thanks
  7. Oh I see... So if I select drive with ML it will just update instead if wiping? Will that leave everything in a working state? It won't break anything? I got latest Chameleon
  8. Hey... Is it possible to install Mavericks on my existing Mountain Lion as an update? Will it kill it ? What are the steps to be taken? Reason am asking is because this method worked on my VMwared Mountain Lion.. Thanks
  9. Yeah there should be... Btw I just bought a new VGA the nVidia 210 by ASUS and now am able to use Final Cut Pro X :-P
  10. Don't think so... Windows 8 is a hassle to deal with when it comes to Hackintosh... I might be wrong though... Google for a guide or look on here.. I usually just swap Hard Drives xD
  11. Thanks bro No need for a DVD... You just need a purchased copy of Mountain Lion. No piracy... Once you got that follow guide on {censored} and you should be good. Installing MB{censored} is kinda tricky you gotta know the exact name of your hardware so trial n error is best way to go. Best of luck :-P
  12. Well I almost got everything working except unlucky that I am my X4500 GPU is not QE/CL enabled and although sound shows up as working I can hear nothing. I did try every ALC888 kext I could find still nothing! Am at a loss here xD Edit : Got sound working by using VoodooHDA although the driver for my ALC888 was included in MB{censored}... I don't understand it but as long as I got Audio... Meh xD
  13. kxld[com.apple.driver.CSRHIDTransitionDriver]: The super class vtable 'vtable for IOUSBCompositeDriver' for vtable 'vtable for CSRHIDTransitionDriver' is out of date. Make sure your kext has been built against the correct headers. This looks like I have a bad Bluetooth kext that is preventing the kextcache from being updated. Will keep you posted
  14. Thanks, but I managed to install ML by setting USBBusFix=Yes ... But now am having issues installing MB{censored} .. Kextcache error 71 xD
  15. Hey I finally was able to Install Mountain Lion but as soon as I try to install MB{censored} or anything for that matter I get Installation failed with the same message over n over, which is kectcache error 71 ... I did try all mentioned here still getting same issue. Also I My rig is as follows - Intel G41TY Motherboard - E7500 C ore 2 Duo CPU @ 2.93ghz - Onboard Intel G41 Graphics - Onboard Realtek LAN - Onboard Realtek HD Sound What Kexts (Drivers) do I need? Thanks
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