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  1. Hi Alexcian !

    My name is Gustavo, im from Argentina and send you this PM because i need your help...

    Some time ago, you post a file GMA 3150 Kext.. but now isn´t online.

    Can you send me this file, i would appreciate very much ! My mail is gus.comercial@hotmail.com

    A big hug from Argentina !

    Pd: Sorry about my english !

  2. alexcian

    Gma 3150

    resolution is okay but u tryied to watch youtube ?????
  3. alexcian

    Gma 3150

    which resolution r there 800x600 or 1024x600 ??????
  4. but on my netbook looks v well mac os an i wanna support to video card an i ll try everythin for workin vga with snow leo ! samsung N150 white n455 intelatom everythin works with no gma 3150 !((((((
  5. alexcian

    intel gma 3150...

    sorry dude but for this card any solutions yet tried some methods but for now anyway no kext ((((((((
  6. alexcian

    Gma 3150

    im not sure about this mothod im sorry i posted here on my netbook i tried everything but no solutions
  7. yes of course it can be but u have to work for this )))))) its topic about ur graphic card nVidia GTS 250. its about your kernel ?£Ñ?Ñ‚?°?½?°?²?»?¸?²?°?µ?¼ iAtcos v7 ?½?° Intel Core i5 | Macpages and if you want to ask pm me so u will reinstall maybe a 100 times firstly and then u can setup dual boot firstly mac os x can work on ur PC okay ???
  8. i extract in the last topic maybe it can be help you u saw it ???? look it up http://www.kexts.com/video-graphics/9447-gma-3150-a.html maybe u can if u will create share plz
  9. in this year big procents netbooks made with gma3150 but i want to know that this video card will be supported ? ideas plz and any news about this card
  10. AppliArt Edit : This is an English speaking board.
  11. and i lost your post then found now i want to say you about .prefpane file sometimes u need to prewrite ur file that completely activated your device locating in S/L/Preferences actually i dun remember now but over there prefpane file its key i activated my device like how i remember i removed all ps2 kext and ps2controller and trackpad.prefpane file and then coppied SL files kext and prefpane and then show package info.plist r there some scripts u have to delete i found and write u ok soon
  12. aldigin panicler kernel panic ve gigabayte icin ozel bi kernel vardi bildigim kadariyla ve biosunada patch atman gerekebilir autopatcher ile dsdt.aml ama bunu ben bir kez yaptim cok tavsiye etmiyorum elinde kalabilir ))))) farkli surumleri denemeni tavsiye ediyorum yuksek surum kullanabilmek icin snow leopardda diretme bilgisayarini kullanacagin surumu kesfet once sabir yuzlerce kez formattan geciyor ama mumkunati var sisteminin))))) PM atarsan yardimci olmaya calisirim bildigim kadariyla
  13. write absolutly u need which card ??? what kind a vga and audio card
  14. somewhere i saw the kext of touchpads like a name of sl_ps2vodoo but if i found it i upload for u in my computer confusin now but what can i say u about it methods absolutly same firstly try 2 type of kext vodoo or apple ps2 and there are many reinstall os secondly try to no install from the setup disk that u install and than manually install it i had a smart touch pad i could it u have to try too many times im installing macos 20 times perday hahahhahahah and its a minimally
  15. alexcian

    Gma 3150

    how to use 1-install snow leopard 10.6.4 install gfx update 1.0 2-put boot file on root and modules folder on extra 3-add to boot.plist CODE <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> restart GMA3150.zip
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