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  1. I like this Darth Vader cover on the Mac Pro, wonder if it would fit your case? Also there is the question of thermal retention with covers/decals. The Kickstarter pledges are off to a good start, with luck at this rate you should reach your target pre March 17th. Good Luck!
  2. Fantastic, looks like a winner to me. I shall be watching for the Kickstarter launch to order one. Wishing you every success.
  3. you realise in Australia such a round shape can only invite one thing, to clad the case with a VB sticker or for that matter any beer logo e.g.Fosters, XXXX etc. People who have lived/worked here will understand that. question: for home enthusiast that build their own PC's you will be asked if any special tools/mounters/connectors are needed to install components. will changing components be easy in this config?
  4. Thanks for the prompt reply it is appreciated. Remember it is summer here, 36c tomorrow and 38c next day and if you don't have aircon it is a pain, so the fans will be working overtime I suspect (BTW I have aircon) Have you tested for this sort of hot (and humid) environment of North Australia / Asia?
  5. question about noise: many people don't like placing the old square box under their desk because it sucks up carpet fluff and eventually clogs/overheats, so some (like me) have the tower on my desk. have you conducted any fan noise comparisons? Certainly the round case would be aesthetically pleasing on a desk. Possibly decorated with a choice of user selected artistic coverings (decal) as an aftermarket choice; or even a company identification decal. first time you acknowledged I am the best, I promise not to look down on you too often.
  6. Well done; blame Nicole for the contact, you know what these American Sheila's are like....nuts! The truth is that Nicole is fantastic and I have the highest regard and respect for her.
  7. Looks great; question about power supply fro Australia, can it handle 240v AC
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