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  1. Mobo: IPIEL-LA3 (Eureka3) Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT220 1GB HDMI/DVI Onboard Audio: Realtek ALC8888S Mac OSX: Yosemite 10.10.5 NVIDIA Web Driver: 346.02.03f01 VoodooHDA-v2.8.8 Chimera V4.1.0 Graphics works fine; 4 Digital Out(HDMI) are shown in Audio>Output. Every time I select the 2nd Digital Out(HDMI), audio over HDMI plays 2 seconds and then it stops :-(. All 4 Digital Out(HDMI) show '8-ch-16bit Integer' and 8-ch-24-bit Integer'. I set the Speakers to Stereo since my machine is connected via HDMI to my monitor that has 2 internal speakers. In DPCIManager I find: 1) 4 times: Audio Device: 0x10DE0BE2 - Sub Device: 0x14621910 - Codec ID: 0x10DE000A - Revision: 0x0100 - Codec Name: Nvidia GT220 HDMI 2) 1 time: Audio Device: 0x80863A3E - Sub Device: 0x103C2A94 - Codec ID: 0x10EC0888 - Revision: 0x0202 - Codec Name: Realtek ALC888S-VD Why are there 4 * the same Codec Names for HDMI whereas there's only 1 HDMI output on this graphics card? Can anybody help me to resolve this strange behaviour?
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