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  1. I recently installed OSX 10.6 on my Lenovo S10e with basically great success! I am using it to type this as we speak I'm doing it on my friends S10e, but using the same method, things just don't work as well... For example, I can install it successfully, but then when I come to boot up Mac, after the boot screen all the video is jumbled and jumping all over the screen. Since I used an external monitor to install it as the screen resolution is only 1024x576, the only way for the shaky video to stop is to put that monitor back into the VGA port, and everything is perfect again. Anyone had this issue, know how to fix it or help on it? The only KEXT's I have installed were Ethernet and Touchpad... Ethernet I am using on this one and it all works fine, but the Touchpad ones are foreign, so it may be them. I will update if it is the case, and close this topic; don't let that stop you from answering though! Thanks [Edit 1: Forgot to mention, not only is the video shaky, but the BIOS throws an IRQ Not Configured Error at me, and takes over 2 minutes before showing the error... Serious lag, and only way to fix it is to Reset CMOS then Load Defaults.] [Edit 2: Found the issue - Voodoo Power Management or Speedstep Enabler. Now my system is completely Voodoo Kext free ]
  2. Everybody is seeing Lenovo EasyCam working out of the box for the setups according to a few Google searches. My Lenovo S10e has OSX 10.6.6 on it, I originally had 10.6.3 from iATKOS S3 V2, but updated to 10.6.5 and now to 10.6.6 Anyways, what happens is, My webcam is being detected - In PhotoBooth for example it says "Lenovo EasyCam [Default]" but it shows no video, just a blank screen. I can also turn off the Webcam using a Hotkey [Function+Esc] and it will say "No Camera detected" so it works and gets picked up. Is there anyway to get this to... Send video I guess? A few screenshots are below.
  3. I recently updated OSX 10.6.3 to 10.6.5 and now to 10.6.6. In the process I made my usual mistakes and endup with Kernel Panics, but I fixed all that and got it all sorted out. Still trying to get Intel 5100 Wifi working, and the Webcam shows up as black, but thats not my main issue. I have a Wifi USB Dongle which I want to use for the computer, I installed the correct drivers for it and everything is perfect on that hand, but in the upgrade to 10.6.6 I lost the use of my USB ports. At first I used my USB Drive to just test if it was being recognized, it usually blinks before having a solid LED meaning that it works, but it just kept blinking which was not good. Eventually I did some Googling, and endup rolling back my USB Kext, which now brings back the solid LED, but the only issue now is that I cannot see the USB in Finder, or on the Desktop. It's as if it's recognized and installed but not mounted. My question is, how the heck do I fix this?! D: If you need anymore details, please let me know, as I don't really know what to get or give for this community Thanks!
  4. P3NGYJ03

    BCM 5906M

    Do you know if this would work on the Lenovo S10E? I am searching everywhere for a WiFi/Bluetooth KEXT and have found absolutely nothing... I installed OSX 10.6.3 without the S10Enabler, and re-installing it with it now is not an option. Thanks in advance for those who reply!
  5. Damn, that's what I was fearing. Well not to worry, thanks for the reply! Helped my decision out a lot
  6. Ahh okay, thank you! Forgot that it told me how much space would be taken up... Last time I did a Hackintosh was about 3 years ago. And it's a SATA drive
  7. As posted on another thread I intend to install the final version of Lion on my Lenovo S10e [school Laptop] (If it doesn't work, I will simply fall back to Snow Leopard until I find a way ) Anyways, I am thinking of swapping out the Hard drive for an old 40GB that was in an older Toshiba Laptop, so I can use the 160GB as an External HDD, and the 40GB and the internal one. Back to the point... How much space do you think I will have left after I install a clean version of Lion onto the Hard Drive? I won't be doing any Video or Image processing on the computer, it will be used for things like Email, Skype, Facetime, iMessage [Messages for Mac] and Web Browsing. I might also do some Word Processing, but you know, who doesn't? Thanks in Advance!
  8. Hey guys! First time posting on this site, but I am in a little bit of a pickle... So I am a student at the moment in Sydney, Australia, and we get free netbooks to keep after Year 12... Well I am getting mine in 3 days [Got confiscated for hacking it ] and I was wanting to remove the Windows 7 Installation and put OSX on it instead. I really want to use it as a replacement Mac until I can get enough money for at least an iPad, but for now I have only seen people running OSX Snow Leopard on their S10e's. I want to use the Messages App and Facetime, and I am fine with installing Facetime on the laptop, but I need to have OSX Mountain Lion in order to run the Messages App. Since there are only guides for Lion DP1 and not the full version, I was wondering whether I could run the full final version of Lion on the netbook... Is there any real change? Specs of the laptop are basic, apart from upgraded 2GB of RAM. They include: - Intel Atom N270 [1.6Ghz] [32-Bit ONLY] - 160GB HDD - But I will be swapping it out for an old 40GB one. - 2GB DDR2 RAM - 10.1" Screen - 1024x576 - Intel GMA950 - Worst Graphics EVER! Any help would be amazing. Thanks in advance!
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