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  1. For the first time: NOT WORKING FOR ME !!!
  2. I miss MaLd0n ... Thanks to him, most of us have patched DSDT! Great guy! MaLd0n, please, come back!
  3. Do i need DSDT to make this program working? Does it control the CPU fan or what? Do I need this if my CPU temp is normal?
  4. mlstudio

    Core 2 Quad Q8400

    Yes, i know that ! Thank you ! This is speed step part for Q8400 dsdt.aml ... I posted long ago full dsdt.aml for Q8400. Here: http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=1563
  5. mlstudio

    Core 2 Quad Q8400

    This is Native Speed Step for Q8400, right?
  6. mlstudio

    Final cut

    Minimum graphic memory for Final Cut 7 is 256 MB... You have only 64 MB... That's your problem! Greetings!
  7. Hi Max... I used iAtkos S3 distro for my Hackintosh ! You have orginal Snow DVD. Try using iB{censored} and than after booting replace iB{censored} with retail dvd. You have many tutorials. Find one, and try. For BIOS, make last BIOS update and change IDE mode to AHCI mode. This is high priority !!! Nothing more! You will need MB Patch for you Asus P5P43TD Pro. I can send you my, but my is not "PRO". So better, go to insanelymac.com and find Maldon. He can patch your mobo... Good luck !

  8. Hi,

    I'm struggling with mobo -> P5P43TD PRO to install Snow Leo (Retail 10.6).

    My config:

    1. Asus P5P43TD Pro

    2. Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 (supports SSE 2/3/4.1)

    3. Southbridge / Northbridge - Intel P43/ICH10-R

    4. Other: JMicron B361 (IDE/eSATA)

    5. GPU: Gainward GTX 460 2GB

    6. Audio: Realtek ALC888

    7. LAN: Atheros L1E

    8. WiFi: no Wi-Fi

    9. RAM: Corsair CMS3 DDR3 1333MHz 8GB

    10. Keyboard+Mouse Logitech Wireless K340 + M505 on USB

    11. HDD: Seagate Nearline 2 250GB @ICH10R AHCI-> with old Lion, + empty partition GPT (entire HDD is excl. 4 Mac's).

    HDD: OCZ Vertex II (SSDx2 @RAID0 @ICH10R) - Win7

    HDD: Seagate Nearline 2ES 500GB (x2 @RAID0 @ICH10R) - Win7 Data

    12. DVD: Asus 1612BL @JMB361 (EIDE) AHCI


    Question: which BootCD should I use?

    Which one You used to boot (Retail?) DVD with Snow Leo?

    I have SL 10.6 retail DVD (legal, original).

    What BIOS settings you use?

    Thx in advance for your help :)



  9. mlstudio


    description? You don't need description! If you GPU supports cud a than install ! You can update cud a thru a preference panel in system preferences also !
  10. Congratulations to all. Excellent! Amazing work! Thank you guys for everything!
  11. I ask myself too?! 3 versions pro day ?! What kind of change occurring in the boot loader?
  12. Hey !!! Thanks !!! The Best Bootloader for now !!! Big performance improvement and very fast boot and graphic !!! THANK TO YOU AND CHAMELEON TEAM !!!!! GREAT JOB GUYS !!!!!!!
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