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  1. Hi i am new to hackintosh my pc specs are intel dual core @ 2.6ghz 1gb ddr2 ram ecs mobo asus nvidia 210 1gb silent 40gb hdd i tried to install hackintosh with usb the installation goes fine and the installer works in full hd and even after creating the account i can log into the mac and use it without problem. in about this mac it shows my graphic card with its actual name and capacity. but when i restart my computer it starts till apple logo and that too with normal vga graphic it seems the graphic card is not working and after some time the screen goes blank. I tried to install many times both with chameleon and clover but no help. do i need to install the graphic card driver or something inspite of system showing correct graphic card name and memory? i have tried using MB{censored} and installed via easybeast. any help would be appreciated. thanks
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