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  1. sup appliart!

    followed ur amd guide..........amazing work!

    smooth SL 10.6.3 retail installation, confirming specs:

    Mobo: AMD 890GXM-G65, mfg: MSI.

    Proc: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition.

    GPU: ATI Radeon HD 4350 - (mfg: MSI, model: R4350-D512H)

    lan worked out of box........cant say anything bout sound right now .

    found no need to enable ahci, SL can be installed for ide! a little slowdown though.

    but cant make my grphic card work. plz direct me to any guide or steps that might work.

    tried this guide: [GUIDE] ATI Radeon HD 4350 and Mac OS X 10.6 (and 10.7), got a black screen.......... now fixing it *:(

    Thnks :)

  2. hi mod....

    i have acer aspireone d257 netbook i wonna install on my free space of hdd mac os x lion 10.7...

    guide me to precess...i have usb reader with 8gb sdhc and also usb cd-dvd writer external...

    Leo i am italian


  3. my pc specs- amd phenom 955be ,asus m4a88tm, 8gb corsair ram, 500 gb wdc sata,1 gb integrated graphic radeon hd 4250. whenever i try to install kernal panic and iam not able to install .plz plz plz help make my hackintosh.........

  4. I am unable to get kext for Azurewave AW-NB047H wifi. please kindly help me.

  5. apple16X50uartsync1:detected 16550AF/C/CF FIFO=16 MaxBaud=115200

    previous shutdown cause: 0

    refusing new kext com.apple.iokit.ionetworkingfamily, v1.8: already have loaded v9.9

    i have tried typing arch=i386 -force64, just arch=i386 and just -force64 like you suggested to the other user and i have tried removing ram. the new hard drive is the only one plugged in and there is no USB items plugged in other than the keyboard.!!PLEASE HELP!!!

    my system is an acer aspire e380 with an Nvidia Geforce 7500 le graphics card

    thank you so much, sorry this is so long!!!

    Kaylie xx

  6. and thats just the beginning. I bought a new hard drive and installed mac os x on there with no partitions using your guide as before and again, it worked perfectly! I had to upgrade to 10.6.8 (from 10.6) and still... it seemed to run with no problem. however! the next day when booting, the cog would freeze and i wouldnt make it to the desktop. i tried various things like booting in safe mode, fsck -fy and verbose (none of witch i really understand, i was just going off advice from forums) and it wasnt budging, so I just tried to reinstall... this time (and every time i try) after installation is complete and the machine resets, I put in the modCD, F5,and try to boot with newly installed OSX. white writing scrolls for a minute untill the last 3 lines are:

  7. Hi AppliArt,

    first off, I cant thank you enough for the AMD hackintosh guide, you've helped an aspiring video editor who could never afford a real mac to get his foot in the door of the industry. i was hoping you could help me with my problem as I've had a big job opportunity put my way and I need to access, finish and upload my showreel in order to be considered...

    about a month ago the mac partition of my hackinosh started acting like the drive has failed, a progress bar has replaced the usual spinning cog at the grey logo screen and it shuts down before it gets even half way. The windows 7 partition on the same drive works perfectly tho.

  8. You can find the org.chameleon.boot.plist in /Extra.
  9. Did you follow the special steps given for AMD 8xx chipsets?
  10. I'm not sure, it does not always work perfectly on notebooks, as the hardware tends to be quite different then there desktop counterparts. Other news: The links are dead! This is due to the fact that Nawcom is updating his site ATM. Use Google or another search engine to seek the files for yourselves, i'm quite busy with other things in my live so I can't constantly update this guide.
  11. Yes, the recent versions of the Chameleon bootloader are capable of automatically repairing and booting the Windows operating system.
  12. I have made a new topic for people who are having problems with AMD 8xx chipsets. So if you do, read it and try everything posted out there!
  13. This is an addition to the full AMD on OS X 10.6 guide. Don't use this information if you do not own an AMD 880 or 890 motherboard. AMD 8xx with OS X 10.6 - Solutions and experiences I made this topic for people who are experiencing troubles while installing a retail Snow Leopard on their AMD 8xx chipset system. All solution I came across during my search will be posted here, and explained in an easy to understand way. Problems with booting and installing Solution 1 Disabling AMD C1E This is the most common solution; disabling the AMD C1E option in your BIOS. This particular option enables the use of C1E stepping for your processor, which obviously does not work in OS X and it seems that it breaks the kernel. Solution 2 Using an older Gigabyte 8xx BIOS Is your system powered with a Gigabyte AMD 8xx motherboard? There is a chance that you are using a BIOS version that does not work with Snow Leopard for some reason. BIOS versions until FC5 are reported working, so if you are using FC6 or later it won't work anymore. A solution to this is reflashing the BIOS to the older FC5 one. A simple Google search with the keywords Gigabyte + [motherboard] + BIOS FC5 would probably do the trick. But be aware of the risks! If not done properly, you could end up with a non-working motherboard! Solution 3 Using the SATA 3 connectors Having an Still waiting for root device error? First make sure that the SATA mode in your BIOS is set to AHCI. Done and still having the same error? Check if your SATA HDD is plugged into the blue SATA3 ports. This is a solution mainly for Gigabyte owners as the SATA6 ports tend to be buggy and mostly don't work. OS problems Sleepenabler with Sleepenabler and IOUSBFamily Getting sleep to work on AMD can take some of your time. On an AMD 8xx chipset you'll need a version of Sleepenabler for your current Snow Leopard version (eg. 10.6.8) and patched IOUSBFamily. Sleepenabler has to be placed in /Extra/Extensions and IOUSBFamily in /System/LIbrary/Extensions. After installing, make sure to rebuild the caches with Kext Utility. Sound with VoodooHDA The simplest solution for having audio on AMD is VoodooHDA. Unfortunately there is only one working version of the VoodooHDA kext for AMD 8xx, and that would be this one. Installation with Kext Helper. Experiences? Succesfully installed your system with or without this tiny guide? Post your experiences here and help other people installing OS X on their systems! Spread the word!
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