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  1. have an issue with my hackintosh system. I used the same method to install: Snow Leo 10.6.3 Retail using iB{censored} and after installation using MB{censored} 3.4 one on an i5 760 quad core on asus p7p55d-e and one on an C2D E7500 Dual core on Intel DP43BF. Even if I used the same way toperform the installation I am in trouble with pci on the second: I cannot see any pci card through system profile. The strange is that if I use those pci cards on i5 hackintosh they works like a charm and all is recognized through system profile. The pci card are an USB Expansion with VIA chip and a firewire adapter with TI chip. Could someone tell me why and how I can fix this problem? Thanks in advance ALEX
  2. PS: Hardware info I don't mean the OSX tool under apple menu but Hardware info tool downloaded via Google. The hardware tool in OSX don't see any pci card inside.
  3. Hi everyone! I 'm in trouble with this one in title as you known a great still today audio card. Originally the drivers package was developed for PPC platform and the dutch RME won't and wanna never release an update for UB platform since new macs haven't pci slot. I had news some one who had make a modification on some files inside package (.pkg) make possibile install some audio cards with ppc code drivers, run under Snow Leopard and Leopard too!!! Since I love my rig I wish some one could me gently explain how make install this sound card, wich files to patch or some else to install my audio card under leopard. The system recognize the sound card under hardware info tool but after install drivers and reboot it doesn't appear under audio panel. Many thanx in advance Alex
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