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  1. XFX branded HD5450 card arrived and after installing to Optiplex 780 it gave me the holy grail 0x68F9 as ID needed to install as Rene explained at beginning of post, just had to add fake ID 0x68E1002... followed by adding 0x68F91002 to AMD5000Controller.kext and in AMDRadeonX3000.kext placed in AMDCedarGraphicsAccelerator section. Obviously from the start the ASUS branded HD5450 has the wrong ID for Hackintosh being 0x677B seen as a 7400 range card. it ships with bios version 0.13, and if downgraded to version 0.12 in link above posts it did give card 0x68F9 but even though successful write to graphic card, got blank screen even placed it in two other Pc’s one running windows 10 & a Yosemite Hackintosh.So be careful when choosing this brand or attempting bios flash. Only issue is no sound or hdmi, it knows its connected to tv just no display either mirror or separate display . Any of you guy’s advice would be helpful, only kext change for sound is the addition of APPLEHDA VERSION 3 by MacPete’s
  2. As these cards are cheap I have ordered a XFX HD5450, for £22 from amazon as a replacement, I will have a use for it on a home theatre pc build just to see if brand makes a difference with the default ID68F9 seen on most of the card brands as default. I have tried the atiflash bootable usb utility with the VBIOS from the site that seems specific to my branded Asus card https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/139830/asus-hd5450-1024-121202 backed up my original rom on stick "thanks for the advice Martin" and used the atiflash unlock command then flashed with this rom. did its job with progress bar successful install new id ID68F9 then rebooted, dead no bios screen from pc, tried to blind write original on to it but no joy, put card in another pc still no bios screen so may be bricked, but was worth a try at this price. Will keep you guy's updated when XFX turns up, and if I am able to resurrect from the dead the ASUS card, really appreciate your support and patience
  3. Rene you were on the right track mentioning the bios, my card as you can see in the image came from Overclockers UK brand new with a bios version 0.13 that results in being seen as a Radeon hd7450. Decided to downgrade the bios to 0.12 with atiflash it installed great and gave the card 0x68F9 as you knew it would being a Hackintosh Legend, the downside for me was even though bios was successfully installed just requiring a reboot, presented with a black screen unusable could just be me so put it back to 0.13..So the moral of the story is Asus are making these cards bios no longer viable for us to use, and unless the shop you purchase it from will take back if you install to find it has ID 677B DONT BUY ONE as there is no reference on the card or packaging to what bios is on the board you wont find out till installed. Will go with another card option, Many thanks for your help
  4. As you have asked I have both windows ID of card along with El Capitan ID of card and as the image above posted from windows 10 and the posted below image's show even though it is an Asus hd5450 low profile card, the ID 667B shows on windows and OSX that checking online would make it an hd7400 chipset. I think you will agree that this is the problem as most hd5450 online seem to have fix's for 0x68F9 or 0x68E. Asus card seems to be a different chipset maybe ? If it helps I can just throw this card under a bus and replace with a recommended one from you, or keep working with your valuable help to teach Asus a lesson .. If needed I can go with Yosemite install, my fate is in your hands Rene be gentle
  5. tried the settings in config.plist with effect no boot could be my mistake, so had use install usb to gain access, as requested I have uploaded the current config.plist file that successfully loads El Capitan for you to look over Rene appreciate your help . I think the problem with the card model ASUS HD5450-SL-1GD3-L-V2 is that it is showing ID 0x667B see attached file's. just to confirm there is no patched DSDT installed & a clean install no kext changes. I have installed card in windows pc to confirm same id screen shot provided, with some info found about 667B. I can replace the card with a recommended OOB but needs to be single slot low profile as it's the Optiplex 780SFF. As mentioned previously tried a full height hd4600 via dvi card works perfect, but being full height unable to use it. config.plist
  6. Fresh install made from a seperate hackintosh running Yosemite followed this link http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/308097-guide-el-capitan-1011x-dell-optiplex-780-760-755-790/ to the letter, will only install with generic DSDT not the supplied hd5450 patched, once installed . El Capitan runs perfect with no dsdt in dsdt patched folder or generic installed, would like try a post that admininstrator has on site already but images are protected Clover Fake ID HD5450 Yosemite, El Capitan Started by Rene, June 4, 2015...Appreciate the help, if it helps this is the patched hd5450 dsdt DSDT.aml
  7. ASUS HD5450-SL-1GD3-L-V2 unable to get recognised and work El Capitan 10.11.4 The card id shows 677b name AMD RADEON HD7400 Series 5Mb. Tried clover DSDT that is patched for hd5450 on my optiplex 780 but black screen no boot, put a radeon 4600 in and works OOB, no kext or DSDT, any help gratefull,
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