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  1. i finnaly manage to do the installation and now i m trying to make the hard drive to work and find what kexts i need for my motherboard you know all those files i meed to instal for gpu catd (ATI) hdd usb thethering etc....
  2. Hi everyone i need some help to install el capitan on my pc for the 1st time i did the steps that i found from a youtube tutorial on how to install el capitan with usb on a PC using the transmac program to create a bootable instalation with el capitan inside the usb stick. the problem is that a message appears that says that i have osx installed already. i asked for help and someone told me that i need to put smbios.plist inside installation file i searched the whole internet and couldnt find such a file like smbios.plist i also notice that people are after a custom smbios that they make throught specific programs but i cant because i dont know how to and i have only windows installation on my pc so can anyone help me find a good smbios for my computer please ?. my computer specs are: Asus p5q mobo intel e7300 cpu Ati hd5870 gpu 8 giga ddr2 @800 memory westrn digital 120 hdd @ 7200 Eizo l550 monitor 17 inch
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