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  1. Hi, Sorry for the late post. Case: Fractal Define R4 Titanium Grey (With custom carbon fibre front door wrap) Wifi card: TP-Link N900 CPU: Intel core i7 4790K clocked at 4.0Ghz Ram: HyperX 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Mhz memory Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97 D3H Graphics card: Onboard GFX HD 4600 Hard drive: 250gb Samsung SSD CPU Heat sink: Corsair hydro h75 PSU: Corsair cx600m Steps to Install: Followed all steps listed by theconsumer1 with a few alterations... Things I did differently: Clover version used: v2.3k_r3944, (see attached photo for options ticked) To use Onboard Graphics: 1. Download Clover Configurator 2. Open the consumer1 config.plist file using clover configurator 3. Left side tap select Graphics 4. Tick Inject Intel I also had a problem where safari was causing the computer to crash when visiting specific sites e.g. yahoo.com fixed in clover configurator by adding patch (See attached photo of kernel and kext patches section) Geekbench Score: Single Core: 4892 Multi Core: 15459 I've also attached my intel power gadget readings, please could someone let me know if they are ok?
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