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  1. nanael

    Can't boot toshiba p100-160

    Hi everyone, I have try to instal osX 10.7 on my toshiba p100-160 but I can't boot on the installer. It stuck at the line "FireWire (OHCI) VendorID 1180 ID 832 built-in now active, GUID 434fc00034d601a1; max speed s400." So I have deleted all the FireWire kext to bypass it but it doesn't help... After I have instal osX 10.6 but after the upgrate to 10.6.8 i got the same result as before stuck at the firewire but it's doesn't help if I bypass it. Did you have an idea? Thank you in advance, Nanael
  2. nanael

    GMA X/4500/M/MHD/HD +64 bit kext

    And what about Core Image? I have the 2a42, I have to install the 2a42intel....kext and use QE debug. That's all?
  3. nanael

    GMA X/4500/M/MHD/HD +64 bit kext

    we got QE/CI or not? Thx for your work!!

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