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  1. Really? search for H55 and the topic on Intel HD Graphics support... tell them that this won't be of any help for them, like it would have helped me on saving a lot of time. Furthermore, some are even thinking of building a customac and have no idea that they need a video card. Once again, you're not a noob and might be generalizing a bit by the statement "But the main problem is that even noobs have no use with this. I mean, most users here already have graphic cards, so this explains nothing to them." I'll feel glad even if I help 3 noobs who have no idea about this and have no video cards, why won't you let it be?
  2. Ok, what part of: help for NOOBS didn't you read? Are you a noob? you don't seem like, that's why it isn't helpful for you. Thing is, Intel HD Graphics integrated in a motherboard (i3 i5 i7 compatible) is half of the process, you'll be able to see Mac's desktop, but not at full resolution or able to work how it would in windows (kexts are of no importance here, it took me 2 weeks to understand that by searching kexts I was loosing my time). You have to add a graphic card, that's something I'm explaining to noobs like me (who possess some knowledge in IT but who are noobs in hackintosh).
  3. Keep in mind that a video card is A MUST for hackintosh to work, as long as you have supported motherboards you'll gave no problems at all (Intel HD Graphics OUT OF THE BOX). If someone would have said this in a post... things would have been easier for me. Remember, I was an amateur noob, now I'm in a mid-noobness level ^-^ Have fun guys.
  4. I'm a noob here, but there are some in the situation I was a week ago... A VIDEO CARD IS A MUST for hackintosh to work, look for supported video cards, as long as you have Intel HD Graphics on your motherboard graphics will work ^-^
  5. As long as there are kexts in here for your video, all Intel HD Graphics will work.
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