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  1. Miki994

    HP 250 G5 Kabylake - High Sierra help

    i succefully installed 10.13.2 i Need to fix Brightnes, instant wake from sleep and audio not work after sleep. Not shure what whappening with cpu and power managment cpu goes to 1.30 ghz on idle is this good? Miki’s MacBook Air.ioreg
  2. Miki994

    HP 250 G5 Kabylake - High Sierra help

    tried MD5 hash and its good no missmatch
  3. Miki994

    HP 250 G5 Kabylake - High Sierra help

    yep i do that way with latest clover settings for UEFI but no success
  4. Miki994

    HP 250 G5 Kabylake - High Sierra help

    i used this but its same # copy installer imagesudo "/Applications/Install macOS High Sierra.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia" --volume /Volumes/install_osx --nointeraction
  5. Miki994

    HP 250 G5 Kabylake - High Sierra help

    Created installer with terminal following Rehbman instructions. for GPU i use IntelGraphicsFixup.kext and DVMT fix. SoundAssertion fixed with AppleALC Kext Battery percentage and status working with ACPI batterymanger kext Ethernet works fine. if i boot with -x i got just restart there is also fix for GPU GFX0 to IGPU. i only need DisableDiscreteSpoof.AML for radeon gpu. i tried to make installer several times with U{censored} and also on windows with transmac but its same problem. i thinking to try pullout hdd from laptop and connect to my desktop pc, install OS and install cover with config.plist moded for laptop with nessesery kexts. error in installer PackageKit: Install Failed: Error Domain=PKInstallErrorDomain Code=110 "An error occurred while extracting files from the package “Core.pkg”."
  6. Miki994

    HP 250 G5 Kabylake - High Sierra help

    I Stuck on installation i tried some different system definition but not help any idea how to fix this ? Installer Log 12-01-17.txt
  7. Miki994

    HP 250 G5 Kabylake - High Sierra help

    Specs : Intel core i5 7200U Kabylake RAM 4 Gb DDR4 GPU : Intel HD 620 & AMD Radeon r5 m430 Audio : Realtek ALC282 & KablyLake 8086 0x9d71 System definition set to MacBookPro14,2 I fixed reboot issuse but now have problem with "Window Server Service only ran for 0 seconds" also IOGraphics flags 0x43 , Sound assertion is still present. i tried to disable discrete radeon gpu in SSDT/DSDT but when drop all OEM SSDT i got a lot errors for BAT1 _BST so its for battery. randeon gpu is identfied as PCI0.RP01.PXSX can you look my original DSDT/SSDT and try to fix something? basic patched are applyed to DSDT like HPET IRC add DTGP etc... here is complete DSDT/SSDT dump with clover and also config.plist for clover. EDIT : i finaly figured out hot to disable Radeon GPU properly and boom installer works EDIT 2 : i got error on install MacOS could be installed on this machine EFI.zip
  8. i need help to install mac os 10.13 on my HP 250 G5 kabylake notebook i try a lot stuff but nothing works everytime is same laptop just reboot on almost end on loading . i got some ACPI erorrs and IOGraphics flags 0x43 , Sound assertion . can someone help i will atach my efi folder there is original and patched DSDT . also i updated bios to latest version and then extract DSDT from linux. forget config3.plist its for my desktop pc. EFI.zip