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  1. Cable unplugged problem

    Helo @rene204 thanks for your reply ! It does work better than the other one, as in it says the cable is connected but can't get a IP address, I've tried to set it manually but no success, any suggestions? I've uploaded the system.log file. (PS: Read only the entries from Feb 22) system.log
  2. Cable unplugged problem

    Hello, I've successfully found my Realtek card kext (I'm using, Mieze's RTL8111) and everything seems fine on "System Information", but still it says the cable is unplugged on the network tab. Configs FX-6300 @ 4.12 Ghz 8GB 933 Mhz (1866) HD 7870 GA970A-DS3P (Rev 2.0) (RTL8111C)