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  1. techlife95

    I finally did it :)

    I'm still experiencing issue getting r9 290 to work. I tried everything, using clover configuretor changing fb name fake id clover nothing works. The graphics is really slow it only shows 7mb vram I tried setting smbios mac pro 6.1 no luck I have z97 deluxe 4790k by the way
  2. techlife95

    I finally did it :)

    hello anyone?
  3. techlife95

    I finally did it :)

    Ran into some issues hackintosh so far. I receive this error “Unapproved Caller” SecurityAgent Message. Also the alc1150 sound not working after computer wakes up from sleep. Another issue I have the computer connected to my Vizio 1080p tv via hdmi the tv can't detect signal from computer. I tried moving mouse still wouldn't be detected.
  4. techlife95

    I finally did it :)

    Excellent news everyone I successfully built a hackintosh computer dual booting windows 7 & yosemite on same ssd. It was not easy building a hackintosh believe me. It was trial & error. Finally after hours & hours of work I finally did it I want to thank all the people who have helped me on the forums. I appreciate you very much This video really helped me a lot as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vtzWPO1740
  5. techlife95

    Yosemite Hackintosh r9 290 help :(

    I have asus z97 deluxe 4790k & my R9 290 not working. I tried adding r9 290 id in clover configurater nothing works. The graphics is really slow please help so frustrating I tried everything believe me. I googled plenty on r9 290. I found this page still did not work I found this still did not help. If it's impossible to use r9 290 hackintosh how can I use hd 4600 instead?

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